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  1. Anyone know what sensor this is?

    I think Austin is right! This is on my 22 Si but from what i can see the connector looks like a 4 wire square (old O2 sensor style) and the mounting bracket looks to be identical also.. video below also
  2. Anyone know what sensor this is?

    trying to look through some docs...
  3. Anyone know what sensor this is?

    is there a sensor on the bottom of the intake manifold there?
  4. Has anyone ever ordered from this company?

    Yes, was around $1100 or so.. Believe I saw it while scrolling through instagram.
  5. Has anyone ever ordered from this company?

    This gives me some hope :) I did just contact Pracworks directly and they said they are not working with them. I asked again with link to site to 100% confirm with them on this. I will try to contact ballade via phone today. I understand that there may be possible importing going on as well...
  6. Has anyone ever ordered from this company?

    Hey everyone! I placed an order for an FK8 Pracworks intake manifold (as a presale) through BalladeSports close to a month ago and no updates yet. They have not responded to my emails either. I was wondering if anyone has used them in the past and if they are...
  7. Science of Speed FK8-01 Wheel

    def not the same as the TS5.. Very similar but these are heavier(20.36 lbs vs 18.7 lbs for the 18x9.5 wheel). They have the recessed pin strip like the FK8 and the spokes are split at the wheel hub. I personally would get these over the NSX wheels i've been contemplating. If i didn't care...
  8. Spoon Rigid Collars

    what are the blue circles right above F-4 ?
  9. Wisconsin NSX wheels!

    this sounds like a perfect option to me!
  10. Wisconsin NSX wheels!

    Thanks for the feedback! Did you guys paint the center caps?
  11. Wisconsin NSX wheels!

    Do they still make the NSX wheels in black?
  12. ADS install advice

    Indeed it is harder putting it back in. I will add that the piece where the belt comes out of the pillar can be carefully separated into 2 pieces after it's removed. This helped a bunch for me in the assembly process
  13. Magic Collar Subframe Collars

    Got mine from ebay. Went and looked at the order for delivery time and I ordered Apr 20th and it said it was supposed to arrive May 7th.. then it said early delivery on Apr 27th. came from over seas. paid $334 total
  14. Magic Collar Subframe Collars

    Have mine laying around still waiting for install.. but this is what you will be getting.
  15. Cool underglow lighting effect

    Very cool effect! Will consider doing this when i install mine. Although i may try to find an OEM switch to pop in there.. Which light kit do you have? Is it LED?
  16. Help with pracworks intake manifold

    @Dr.Toasty Still curious on your impressions of driving with it :)
  17. Rear suspension appears to be missing a bolt, what am I looking at?

    on 2nd thought I believe it is a super cool GoPro mount 😬
  18. Rear suspension appears to be missing a bolt, what am I looking at?

    prob some kind of assembly alignment hole
  19. New Jersey Hondata jailbroken - FlashPro ready - FK8 Bosch ECU

    Parting with my backup ECU that has been jailbroken by Hondata. I installed it once and it flashed the immobilizer light. Long story short, I just jailbroke my stock '17 ECU and did not hassle with getting a reprogramming computer for the keys. This is a great value for anyone who wants it...