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  1. SOLD FS: Gold Hybrid Racing Shifter $320 shipped

    Selling my gold hybrid racing shifter with original stiff spring in shifter and soft spring still in bag. Only used for 2,000 miles. Comes with everything that came with. $320 shipped
  2. WTB: Acuity Rocker Arm and Centering Spring

    WTB: Acuity Rocker Arm and Centering Spring
  3. Sold: FS: Gold Hybrid Racing Short Shifter

    Hey I am selling my 10th Gen Gold Hybrid Racing Short Shifter Assembly for $320 shipped. Had the shifter on since October but only put around 2,000 miles on it. Just shifter and not knob of course
  4. WTB: 2020 Type R Shifter

    Looking to buy a 2020 Type R Shifter. I have a gold Hybrid Racing Shifter on my 17 Si already but looking to get the new oem 2020 R shifter
  5. Sold: FS: Si Oem tips without mufflers

    Si tips for sale ready to ship. $50 plus shipping
  6. WTB: Si Maf Sensor

    Anyone getting rid of theirs for any reason lol?

    I have used CNT Racing Intercooler Piping for sale. They are on my 2017 Civic Si and I am taking them off to sell. Great condition and way better than factory pipes. $160 shipped. High Flow Piping 100% Direct Bolt-On Stainless Steel Band Clamp w/Inner Protective Liner CNC Machined Flanged...
  8. FS: Si oem rmm $60 shipped

    Used Si oem rmm $60 shipped.
  9. Sold: FS: Rear section of an AFE Takeda 304 Stainless Steel exhaust with polished steel tips $250 shipped

    Here is the full exhaust that I have but just the rear section to the tips is for sale. $250 shipped
  10. Sold: Si Oem Knob used

    Used this knob for like 10 miles before swapping out. Just the knob only. $70 shipped OBO
  11. Sold: Y-pipe to 3 carbon fiber tip exhaust

    I am selling my custom made y-pipe to 3 carbon fiber tip exhaust. Think of it like an axle back exhaust that needs to be welded on by a muffler shop. Couple little scuffs on the tips but who will notice lol $200 shipped OBO
  12. MHI 10th Gen Honda Civic Si Bolt On Turbo Upgrade TD03 upgrade over stock. 30% more flow over stock and oem quality by Mitsubishi so DRob and Eman said should be good but untested at the moment.
  13. Eman's Type R Retrofitted Clutch/Flywheel Website!
  14. Anyone have a Top1Motors V2 Front Vent they don't want and are selling?

    Anyone have a Top1Motors V2 Front Vent they don't want and are selling?
  15. 2017 Civic Si Stock shifter with add ons $100 OBO

    Used 10th Gen Si stock shifter with alta performance short adapter and acuity centering spring. $100 OBO
  16. Clutch Install places or people

    Hey was wondering who you’d guys recommend who can replace my clutch/flywheel for me and not have ridiculous rates as well as finish on same day. Could be mechanics who do side jobs and what not. I’m in the Bay Area or Northbay
  17. Tranny Issue Cure!!!

    Eman found the solution to tranny issues.
  18. Type R tranny issue solution? (theory)

    Not sure if this is the case for the R but was just discovered by Eman on the Si and is a simple fix. Turns out gears weren’t getting enough fluid therefore resulting in tranny issues.
  19. Hybrid Shifter Releasing this Friday! 09/27/2019 for Pre-orders

    They are finally releasing this Friday!
  20. Used PTP Turbo Blanket and PTP Heatwrap

    I have a used PTP Turbo Blanket with about 4,000 miles on it and not using anymore. Also will have a roll of PTP Lava Wrap. $120 shipped