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  1. EX/Si/Touring Headunit glass replacement for $30!

    Does your headunit have the physical buttons on it? If that is the case I will be trying this with mine as well. Thanks in advance!
  2. California FS: D2 coilovers for Si

    PM'ing you.
  3. California Eibach Sportlines Price Drop!! SOLD

    these work for a civic si coupe?
  4. Wisconsin Pongoro's Part out

    I’m down to work something out
  5. Wisconsin Pongoro's Part out

    This fit is 2019 civic si coupe?
  6. Trying to use CarPlay and Android Auto. Tried multiple cables.

    Honda Hack caused major problems for me with CarPlay... just an FYI.
  7. Anyone have the Morimoto LED's for their fogs?

    Had ones from amazon. Just installed these. I believe the difference is strong and these are much better looking.
  8. Wide Body Kit for FC1/FC3 Civic (details inside)

    Any update on this?
  9. Wide Body Kit for FC1/FC3 Civic (details inside)

  10. Wide Body Kit for FC1/FC3 Civic (details inside)

    I would 100% buy a kit for the coupe. Been dying to get my hands on one. PLEASE, keep us updated! Also would be interested in a wing if you made it as well.
  11. *FOR SALE* 2019 Civic Si Coupe Stock Exhaust

    Still available but I would assume not.
  12. Wisconsin FS: Interior Parts (type-r & Si)

    Id buy the floor mats if you still got them for 60
  13. Wisconsin FS: Interior Parts (type-r & Si)

    I will probably buy this if it is still available Friday.
  14. Wisconsin FS: Interior Parts (type-r & Si)

    Is that 3rd party trim or OEM trim?
  15. Wisconsin FS: Interior Parts (type-r & Si)

    Red Trim fit my 2019 Si Coupe?
  16. *FOR SALE* 2019 Civic Si Coupe Stock Exhaust

    Yep. Stock exhaust for the 2019 Civic Si Coupe. 15k miles on it. No damage. Asking $120 OBO I live in the DFW area, would prefer local pickup. No idea how to ship this but would potentially try.
  17. FS: New PRL v2 catted downpipe/frontpipe

    He sold both to me last night gents. He needs to update this as SOLD