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  1. FS: SiriMoto Phase 2 Strut Bar [SOLD]

    Hello, selling my used front strut tower bar due to swapping out for a different strut bar. Looking at local pickup only (Portland, OR or within reasonable distance). $60 OBO.
  2. 3D Printed Support Rods for Type R Replica Wing (Coupe)

    Hello! As some of you may or may not know I was one of the original people to add splitter support rods to my Type R replica wing to increase stability and prevent wobbling or bouncing from pot holes or high speeds. The rods have worked well enough but I wanted to try something new and practice...
  3. FS: 2017 Civic Touring OEM Wheels - Portland, OR

    I'm selling my OEM Touring wheels. They're pretty new with less than 7000 total miles and outside of some slight curb rash on one wheel they're in perfect condition. They have also been treated with Opti-Coat Pro which is a paint protector/sealant. Wheel: 17x7 +45mm offset Tire: 245/40 R17 -...
  4. What's your favorite all-season tire/brand?

    Hey all, going to be getting some new shoes for the Coupe here pretty soon and wanted to get some feedback on what your favorite All-Season tires are! Thanks!
  5. Black Mirror Trim

    I am looking to vinyl wrap the chrome on my mirrors but I'm trying to figure out what color vinyl I should get to match the existing black trim on the mirrors. It's obviously not gloss black but I can't figure out if it is more of a satin or a matte black. Any thoughts or input? Thanks!