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  1. What Front Splitter is everyone running?

    The splitter comes with 2 splitter tie rods that you drill and attach to the crash bar. You can install it without the 2 tie rods if you are never going to track your car and hit triple digit speeds.
  2. Official Championship White Type R Picture Thread

    You can buy them from
  3. What did you do to your Type R today?

    FK8 Winding road impression.
  4. WTB Championchip White rear wing endplates.

    Looking to buy championship white rear wing endplates. PM me price with shipping included.
  5. Final Call - Rays Volk TE37 Originals

    You have any Bronze left? I would like to come purchase and pick up locally if possible since I only live 2 hours away. PM me the civicx discount price and address that I can come purchase and pick up if you have any sets of Bronze left.
  6. 2016 Aegean Blue Touring for 20K FIRM.

    Selling my 2016 Touring sedan with 22,000 miles. Mods on car are clear jdm markers, led bulbs on all exterior lights, advan rg2 rims, mishimoto oil catch can, and intake. Car is located in Merced, CA. Price is firm!
  7. 2019 Civic Type R Spy Shots. Facelift?

    Rotors are solid now and not drilled.
  8. Wheels on Team Honda Research West Race Team CTR

    Picture is from the facebook post. It looks like 18in Enkei Kojin. Here's the link.
  9. Wicker bill on rear wing for more downforce?

    The Evo 9 MR came with vortex generators and a wicker bill on the rear wing to generate additional downforce. My assumption is the Type R is generating enough downforce that Honda didn't put one on it. Looking forward to see if aftermarket will create one for those wanting additional downforce...
  10. Catch Can for CTR

    Once I get my CTR, I will see if my Mishimoto catch can will fit on the CTR. Just by looking at the engine bay, I think it will bolt on just like how it bolts on to the 1.5T engine.
  11. Who's waiting for 2018?

    I plan on keeping my touring as dd and will wait to get one at msrp. If I don't get the type R, I'll probably save some more and be one of the first to get a Toyota Supra MKV.
  12. Random CTR Chat

    To me personally, I'd rather spend that $5K-$10k on mods than to give it to the dealer so I can be one of the first to own one. Like most of you I will only buy at msrp and am willing to wait 6 months or more to get the color I want and use that money to start modding.
  13. More Civic Type R Variants Are Coming!

    Instead of new variants I wonder if Honda will offer new colors too. The Acura Integra Type R came in yellow. I am willing to wait to get the Civic Type R at msrp and by then if I have not purchase one and Honda does offer yellow, I will definitely go with that color over CW.
  14. Honda Civic Type-R Over sticker dealer naughty list.

    Dealer in town I spoke to is adding 5K ADM on top of accessories and it's first come first serve. I'll wait like most of you to get a CW one at msrp. I'd rather use that 5K for modifications once I purchase the car than to give it to the dealer.
  15. Invidia N1 Exhaust Arriving Soon!

    What's the weight savings on this over the stock muffler? Any dyno charts showing how much hp was gained with exhaust installed?