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  1. "S" Mode

    Doesn't sound strange at all, it has a really nice sound actually. :)
  2. weatherstrip to inside door sill leaking ?

    I have the same problem, water pools on the door sill pretty much in the middle area.
  3. Do the heated rear seats turn off when turning off the car?

    The rear seat switches are easily reached from the driver's side so they are easy to check. Just rock to one side (center is off) and click back once to center. I just feel the switch position and can tell if it's on or off now.
  4. Alignment after new wheels and tires?

    I would put money on suspension or steering component damage during jacking. The jacking points under the door area are there for a reason and your buddy should have used them. If the Civic had a frame then it could be jacked from "under the car". I've had plenty of cars and NEVER have I had...
  5. How do you let other people play songs?

    Honda might have a AUX input jack option, I had that in my 2006 Civic.
  6. Civic vs Cruze vs Elantra vs Corolla vs Sentra

    Compare a 2013 Cruze and a 2013 Civic looking at remaining lifespan and let me know how that works out. That pretty much explains why we are on this forum and not on the Cruzetalk forum.
  7. LID Strip lights in Grill

    I wired mine to a Clapper and it works to turn them on and off. The lights blink when I give fat chicks a ride.
  8. Civic shimmy at high speeds

    It could be an unbalanced wheel, weights do fall off. It's typically felt in the steering wheel if it's the front wheels and in your seat if it's the rear wheels but if violent enough, you may feel it in both.
  9. Cruising around town catching Pokemon lol

    Oh, he was also chasing Pokémon around town yesterday in his (my old) 2006 Honda Civic. He took over the Gym located at the town hall from the blue team with a bunch of friends last night, whatever that means. He said there were a few sad faced people in cars across the street when they were...
  10. Cruising around town catching Pokemon lol

    My oldest boy Ashton is 23 now and grew up during the original Pokemon craze. Can you imagine how excited he was when he found out Ash's full name was Ashton?
  11. Seafoam

    I'm hoping Honda did a better job on the overall engine design than Ford did on my F150 EcoBoost. This problem gets particularly bad if the vehicle is driven short distances and the engine doesn't have a chance to warm up and blow out any accumulated carbon. Moral of the story is drive it like...
  12. Arrows on windshield

    I wonder if that could work on the rear window to prevent my kids from backing into things?
  13. Seafoam

    Noisy high pressure fuel pump!
  14. Seafoam

    I thought Sea-Foam was a NO-NO in direct injected Turbo engines, please correct me if I'm mistaken. I heard the crap released (specifically from behind the unwashed intake valves) gets into the turbo and causes problems, no more investigation than that yet.
  15. How to prioritize phones in Civic.

    I'm not sure about priority but there is a setting screen that allows you to chose which phone is to be paired for "phone" and which is to be paired for "music". I'll have to look again to verify if there is a priority setting.
  16. Is it just me or is this car very leaky?

    Common problem with all newer vehicles having so many plastic insert type parts. You can buy a blower that'll blow all the trapped water out but they are expensive.
  17. I have to put my car in storage for the winter (yes, already)

    OP is in Quebec, there are many gas stations in the Canadian part of North America that sell pure gas, you just have to look for them. A lot of marinas and gas stations that cater to snowmobilers in winter sell pure gas due to the ethanol crap problems. It's the owner's choice to sell ethanol...
  18. I have to put my car in storage for the winter (yes, already)

    Use premium fuel with no ethanol in it for the last few tankfuls. The ethanol blends turn to crap that fuel stabilizer can't cope with very well. No need to cause fuel issues if you don't have to. I'd also top-up the gas tank before storing to prevent condensation build-up even though it...
  19. 17 inch Honda Civic Touring Wheels

    Very good price, I would buy them for winter rims if I hadn't downsized my Hakkas down to 16". Still tempted though.
  20. Little annoying things

    See inserts above.