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  1. Cali Cop tells Elantra N owner it will cost him $7k to remove factory track mode

    DCT? It’s now better to take the loss and sell it to Carvana/CarMax to avoid further headaches.
  2. Cali Cop tells Elantra N owner it will cost him $7k to remove factory track mode

    In the Miata world, one could buy a glass packed baffle and insert it into the exhaust tip to muffle the exhaust sound. But it only works for a single brand of exhaust. Not sure how feasible it is for Hyundai or the aftermarket to make something like this...
  3. Cali Cop tells Elantra N owner it will cost him $7k to remove factory track mode

    Blame Hyundai for making an exhaust mode that exceeds the legal limit or for not knowing said legal limit in the 5th largest car market in the world. I mean, LE‘s got to LE. He could also be a dick but if a decibel meter was used before issuing the ticket, the blame lies with Hyundai (for a car...
  4. Cali Cop tells Elantra N owner it will cost him $7k to remove factory track mode

    He can fight the ticket on technicalities. In court, LE is required to present proof that a calibrated decibel meter was used for the citation. On court date, the LE will either not show up or can’t present the evidence or that the decibel meter wasn’t calibrated recently. His lawyer also...
  5. Type r values are dropping

    Returning to normal? From Reddit:
  6. Texas FS: OEM Wheels and Tires $400

    Cross post on the FL5 marketplace ( I think these will look good on the 2023 Type R. It’s using the same offset and bolt pattern. Doesn’t hurt to reach more eyes. GLWS
  7. Where do we go from here?

    Add lightness. As fatherpain and many have already mentioned, a set of lighter wheels and better tires. Maybe rustproofing the undercarriage so you can drive year round? And snow tires for half of the year?
  8. FL5 Type R OEM wheel specs???

    Used? You should be able to find some on the marketplace shortly after delivery as people tend to upgrade to lighter 18“ wheels as a rite of passage. Won’t be as affordable as FK8 20s since the 19s will be wearing PS4S.
  9. You Oil-Diluted Car Will Do Fine

    My kinda used-car buy. 413k miles. Replaced transmission at 315k miles. Not an ad:
  10. Bought a Mazda RF to replace my SI

    You’ll have a lot of fun in the snow.
  11. FK8 (LE) and FL5 together

    An LE FL5 will look amazing also.
  12. Type r values are dropping

    Wait until the FL5 hits dealer lots later this winter (Dec, Jan); used FK8 prices should come down a little by then. Or wait until next winter (2023) until car production catches up with demand for better deals (used or new).
  13. Official 2023 Civic Type R (FL5) U.S. Specs Released 📣

    TBH, after driving the FK8, anything less than an LE won’t get me into the next one. I do like all the improvements on the FL5. I sense that Honda will skip the next generation after the FL5 and go straight into full electrification for the next-next CTR (~2030). It’s pointless to do hybrid due...
  14. Washington 2021 Rallye Red Civic Type-R (TRADED IN)

    Nice setup! Fanatec with load cell pedals scratches a lot of that driving itch. I’d just go with the trade in or Carvana for less headache. Good luck on the sale.
  15. Is this a good deal?

    It’s easier to find Integras for MSRP:
  16. Is this a good deal?

    Drive your Si for another year. You’ve a better than good chance of scoring a used FK8 for under $37k (before trade in).
  17. Times are changing...Challenger and Charger are done in 2024

    Sad. Having an electric generator is almost a must-have in some areas. Newer ones are equipped with CO monitor and shutoff. A lot cheaper than a EV with vechicle-to-home capability. I’ve been eyeing one with inverter to power the fridge and cellphones during emergency...
  18. Times are changing...Challenger and Charger are done in 2024

    An obscure sub-national state (only ranks 5th in global economy) is charging headlong into the EV-verse where its populace lusts after products duct-taped together by a tiny car maker (perpetually on the verge of bankruptcy). Sad times. Droughts and forest fires be damned. We needs our 0-60...
  19. What oil is everyone using ?

    👍 Kirkland 0W-20 made by Warren Distribution.