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  1. Looks like CarAndDriver found out about the Type R overheating issues first hand

    Shit, I thought the system in my 07 and 08 Si's were a bit crappy compared to the Bose in my Speed3's. Think an inline amp upgrade could mend the bass issue?
  2. Looks like CarAndDriver found out about the Type R overheating issues first hand

    How bad is the stereo? Is it something easily amended simply by swapping out the speakers and/or sub?
  3. Civic Si vs Veloster N

    24mpg is really is quite bad considering the CTR got 25mpg while being much bigger, making 40-50hp more, and having a lot more down force aero trim. My car is making a good 100hp more than the N PP, but it still averages 25-26mpg.
  4. Looks like CarAndDriver found out about the Type R overheating issues first hand

    I made a thread about this awhile ago. Absolutely no amount of grille redesign is going to fix the problem, a 380cu core for this engine is asinine. You can take the whole damn bumper off if you want, but the reality is that it really needs to be double that size. All of the competition have...
  5. Tuned after adding HKS intake, intercooler and pipes 404tq 383hp

    Awesome numbers man, you've got yourself a mid 11 second car (if you can hook it) right there! Have fun trolling GT's, Camaros and Scat Packs ;)
  6. Ways to set apart my Civic

    I'll sell you my spoiler. Its completely functional (23lbs downforce @ 80mph) and it will definitely set you apart from all the other cars on the road too!
  7. Got backed into tonight..... thoughts?

    Issue is, when we saw the damage, it was concluded that the title didn't match. That's textbook damage caused by a door being opened too far.
  8. Got backed into tonight..... thoughts?

    You know, I was a mouse click away from submitting the same reply lol. That's typically when it happens. Not in the car, its off, in neutral and just forgot to put the parking brake on while putting away groceries or distracted.
  9. Type_r_killer - build thread

    That's pretty decent, plan on running that consistently, or keeping it on 93 for the most part? Also, how are your tires holding up? lol
  10. Got backed into tonight..... thoughts?

    That's what it looks like to me, especially with that slight creasing higher up near the mirror and paint missing from key contact points on the edge of the door.
  11. Type_r_killer - build thread

    Pretty good numbers, Should be around 330-340whp on your average Dynojet. Was this all on 93 octane?
  12. Fatherpain’s 2018 Type R

    2nd this, OP, you are the man! Keep it up
  13. Anyone here actually like rev hang??

    Rev hang sucks ass!
  14. Good numbers to start

    That's pretty good, what are your modifications? Also, what shop?
  15. Gen X k20c2 E85

    Fear not, Dale is at the forefront of my mind every time I double clutch because granny shifting is for JDM posers
  16. Gen X k20c2 E85

    I called it in my initial post and you have behaved exactly the way I predicted. Like I said, ad hominem attacks won't get you anywhere, especially with me. No point in me explaining why the K20C2 is not worth building, I know you won't listen. :popcorn:
  17. Gen X k20c2 E85

    You're really defensive over this car/engine, likely because you know what I'm saying is true, but don't want to believe it. I've owned Si's, Preludes, and a S2000, of the 15 years I've been doing this, 10 years have been with Hondas, primarily K20Z3's and H22A4's. I've "been there, done that"...
  18. Gen X k20c2 E85

    First thing you need to learn is to accept constructive input that is negative, not everything platform or engine in the tuning world are worth praising for good reason. Considering you've opted to build a K20C2, expect a fair amount of negative feedback. You're attempting to build one of the...
  19. Corolla GR For an awd, 2800lb car, a 5.5 0-62 is rather disappointing. With that sort of power to weight ratio and awd, I'd expect mid-high 4 sec runs to 60. So I wager the 257hp is quite overrated. The Corrolla GR is what we'll...
  20. All American. Challenger crushes.

    10 year younger me thought the Si was the end all, older me wouldn't look twice at one, the rattles, lack of power, refinement, space, etc. So though I'm looking at Type R's, I can't deny that I haven't been seriously considering a Chevy SS and throwing a whipple on it. I'd consider a Charger...