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  1. Motive Power bleeder (for brake and clutch) setup for 2016+ Civic hatch, sedan, coupe

    This is the male quick disconnect And this is the female The clear tubing I think is 5/16"? Don't quote me...
  2. Motive Power bleeder (for brake and clutch) setup for 2016+ Civic hatch, sedan, coupe

    I had a power bleeder I got years ago for my BMW and I wanted to also use it for my Hondas. I cut the air line and got a female quick disconnect coupler for the bleeder side and 2 males for the master cylinder reservoir side so I could easily go between either German or Japanese car. The...
  3. Ohio Smoked Sidemarkers

    They're unbranded from what I can tell.
  4. F1 Talk Anyone?

    Happy for Lando
  5. Time to say goodbye CivicX

    At least that's one to force BMW drivers like you to use the blinkers
  6. Time to say goodbye CivicX

    Sexy! That B48 is a sweet little motor with lots of punch and potential. Which tune you gonna get for it?
  7. F1 Talk Anyone?

    Brazil was the penultimate race
  8. Ohio Smoked Sidemarkers

    Asking 20 shipped. They will fit all coupe, sedan and hatchback. Thank you
  9. F1 Talk Anyone?

    since November 2019 is forever?
  10. Misfire Diagnosis

    My bad. I'm sorry, lol
  11. Misfire Diagnosis

    STOP THEM ASAP. Try the Honda dealer dude. It's not rocket surgery
  12. Misfire Diagnosis

    Good point there It's still worth a shot. Your car, OP, might still fall under that. The...
  13. Misfire Diagnosis

    Go to the Honda dealer! Stop dealing with the 3rd party warranty people. Why would you send your car to a non-Honda dealer too? The warranty on the powertain is 6 years and no mile limit and your car falls squarely under those limits. It was extended a year ago due to the oil dilution problems...
  14. You need to see this modified Coupe

    This dude clearly loves his car as evidenced by how clean it is and how much the water beads from the wax/sealant hr has on it. I'll leave it at that
  15. Civic Si in GS

    I am selling a set of used 255/40/17 Rivals. Lemme know!
  16. Thuseefc - Page 10 - built in table update.....

    Do you have any solid tips on removing those bumper inserts? I want to do that but I'm very concerned about scratching my bumper in the process
  17. Thuseefc - Page 10 - built in table update.....

    which hood shock kit did you buy?
  18. Apple CarPlay issues

    go to the dealer