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  1. Si Transmission not the best?

    AMSoil trans fluid made a HUGE difference for me. Dollar for dollar probably one of the best and certainly easiest transmission upgrades. I may get to acuity cables/bushings/shifters down the road but feel they may add diminishing returns for the dollar. I'll admit I actually liked the OEM...
  2. What did you cross-shop and are you happy that you went with the Si?

    I needed to stay under $30 at the most most max for my budget. Read car and driver like crazy. Liked the GTI and Veloster but again $25-30 was my number and also needed 4-door. Honestly I only drive the 19 WRX. I had an 09 wrx and LOVED the awd. but for the 8 snow days I get in Philly I thought...
  3. Should I buy a 2020 Si????

    Welcome I did a lot of research before buying my '19 Si and don't remember reading about cold weather rear suspension issues but I am happy and thankful to report that after one Philadelphia area winter albeit relatively mild I had zero issues. No issues with anything actually (knock on wood)...
  4. LED headlights and fog lights

    Considering the description says in all caps 'FOR FOG APPLICATIONS ONLY' you probably should not use them as low beams. I switched my low beams out with Hikari 'eye of Megatron' LED and am very happy.
  5. Best intake for the sound

    Do yourself a favor and go with the PRL COBRA. I was in your boat 4 months ago and was deciding between PRL sri, cobra, and 27won. I decided on the cobra because it seemed to have the best mix of sound and performance. The SRI didn't perform as well (heat soak), the 27won allegedly didn't sound...
  6. DIY type r badge

    Nice work. The flat black and red pops. I've seen one with a carbon layover H that looks good but this is quick and cheap and looks great
  7. Getting High Beam Flashed when driving with Low beams

    Thanks for the link. I noticed on that comparison that the '19 (which I have) came with halogen PROJECTOR while the '20 came with led REFLECTOR which may cause the excess glare. After much research I swapped in 'eye of Megatron' LEDs into my PROJECTOR housing and couldn't be happier. I drive...
  8. About the Ktuner 1.2 with TSP tune

    Understood, great info thank you ! Do you know if this also applies to TSP stage 1 tunes ? All maps 1/2/3, normal and sport ?
  9. About the Ktuner 1.2 with TSP tune

    Wait I must have missed that line in the instruction manual ? Having the CC activated enables rev hang ?
  10. Not bad....

    Yo looksg Whats the license plate trickery ?! If it's a cover that, um, ensures safety please post the link I need 1 for each car