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  1. best all season tires for a Hatchback sport touring?

    I recently put on a set of Si wheels and had Falken ZIEX AS 960s with the same OEM specs (235/40/18) and have been very happy with these. Decent road characteristics and road noise isn't really any worse than stock. Dry grip is decent and wet grip was very good, too. I wish the sidewalls were a...
  2. Washing car in extreme heat

    Yeah, I'll wait until later in the day (not a morning guy) before I wash the car. Luckily, I garage it, too so it doesn't bake like crazy in direct sunlight before I take it to a wash bay.
  3. Katana LED H11 Headlight Review

    I very rarely get flashed from oncoming cars anymore. There's so many cars now that have LEDs or HIDs that my lights don't stand out - and that's fine with me. I wanted these for clarity and performance not for show anyway. Funny, I still see a few Civics with the halogens and they look really...
  4. May i see your hatch backs

    My ‘19 EX hatch.
  5. 2018/2019 Civic Hatch Fuel Pump Recall

    It's across the board... Did you do a vin search? I did and my EX also didn't come up as needing the recall...
  6. 2018/2019 Civic Hatch Fuel Pump Recall

    Have you noticed any performance issues? I read on a similar thread in the Type R group that some noticed a loss of power or fuel cutoff.
  7. 2018/2019 Civic Hatch Fuel Pump Recall

    I checked using my vin and says there's no recall for my ride... Guess, I'll keep checking.
  8. Best Plug-and-Play LED Headlights to drop into the OEM Halogen Projector low-beam slot?

    Katana's have worked very well for me. And the price point is very good too.
  9. 2020 Civic EX LED Headlights

    If it's the H11 version, I'm fairly sure they will fit. I don't recall Honda changing the halogen bulb type since the 10th gen was introduced. Here's the link to the ones I have:
  10. New here, any EXLers out here?

    The HID vs. LED: I used to have HIDs in my last Civic but I wanted to try LEDs this time. I like the instant on from the LEDs and frankly the bulbs are nothing to install plus real inexpensive compared to HIDs. The tech has improved, too. Very satisfied with my LEDs. The lamin-x film: yes, I...
  11. New here, any EXLers out here?

    Hey, congrats on the your new Civic hatch. Regarding the chrome delete, have a look on ebay or amazon for the pre-cut vinyl kit. It's fairly easy to install and even if it only lasts for a year or two (or more), you're not losing a ton of cash for the mod. I've had mine on for over a year...
  12. Why the mpg difference between the EX-T/EX-L and Tourings trims

    I drive an EX hatch and switched my wheels from the stock 17s to the Si wheels which are 18s. And I've noticed a slight drop in mpgs since the switch. Not enough for me to switch back to 17s though.
  13. I'm finally convinced......

    Eco mode definitley dials back the throttle response. A guess that saves a little from me stomping on the pedal. AC is also cut back so there's less drain on the overall system which also has an effect on mileage. I use Eco alot when the streets are slick during and after a rain storm. It helps...
  14. Windshield Replacement on Models with Honda Sensing

    IIRC, It was like $295. And took them about half day to do it. I had a quote as high as $400!
  15. Katana LED H11 Headlight Review

    Not quite a year but close and same here. No problems at all.
  16. Civic vs. 2019 Chevy Impala?

    No disagreement there.
  17. Cracked Windshield

    Is that an aftermarket or OEM glass? Either way, though, since it's only been a month should be covered by warranty.
  18. Is mid-octane even worth it?

    Here in Texas, we have: Regular - 87 octane Mid - 89 octane Premium - 93 octane Occasionally, I'll put in some premium. My butt-dyno says there's a difference. This last time, I went ahead and put in the mid-grade. Butt-dyno was like WTH? Can't really say there's any difference. Why do they...
  19. Best way to chrome delete the window trim?

    I think pre-cut kit is the best possible way to go. It's a fairly easy install. I got mine from the Bay.