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    Morimoto is just a name.. they get all their crap from the same OEM in China as most. Hylux is the king in aftermarket ballast, so much so that the new Morimoto xb35 and 55 2.0 are made by HYLUX. I dont know about bulbs, but Morimoto bulbs have inconsistent color, and lightwerkz (a morimoto...
  2. How much do you make in your career/job?

    He's kinda right, IT is an ever evolving field where you have to stay at the cutting edge or you stagnate. DoD is the only place where IT won't be outsourced and salaries are high depending on if you're a contractor or civilian.
  3. Highest mileage on your 6MT Civic

    47k here on 2017 sport hatch with compturbo wheel and tune still holding up fine
  4. DIY HID Projector Retrofit

    I have them somewhere.... I think.. have to check when I get home
  5. Audio Upgrade Advice

    I did DB6502 Front and DB652 Rears, they fit, but are tight inside the adapter ring where the plugs connect to it.
  6. DIY HID Projector Retrofit

    D2S is the original bulb for the Maximas. Im curious about the 4TL-Rs.. if I had to do another pair, I would cut up the original halogen shields and use them as a bracket for the 4TL-Rs

    It's not wattage that kills your factory wiring, it's amperage. Some HID ballast draw a lot of amperage to ignite the bulbs OEM Denso ones draw 10-12 amps per ballast. They then settle down to 35W. I know that 35W hyluxtek ballast only draw about 2-4amps per ballast to ignite.. those would be...

    OEM input comes from factory h11 low beam plug that usually goes into the bulb.

    Hylux ballast with Nhk bulbs. Hylux is the OEM for morimoto this generation
  10. I love me some good snail options...

    Don't forget you need a boost controller with the prl product
  11. 2016+ Civic Led Projector Headlight from TRS

    The md2s is a 3" projector you'll have to modify the shroud aswell. The bracket is made for the mh1 which has a different mounting pattern than the md2s
  12. Okay, so I guess I need to paint my intercooler black...

    You need to watch engineering explained... Black works with radiated heat? Intercoolers work through convection.
  13. Suggestion for Customizable "Rev Hang Disable"

    Me personally, I forget to turn off cruise sometimes. I think my ideal is enabled for gears 1-3 up to 3k rpm and enabled gears 4-6 up to 2k.
  14. ETunez Review

    I also got my tune from Steve at Etunez, this is the datalog from the final tune. I just asked for a simple reliable tune which is only 23psi peak.
  15. Second class citizens - lack of aftermarket CVT tunes

    Give Steve at etunez a call if you're looking for a cheap etune
  16. 27won turbo. Who’s running it?

    You can but I believe according to vit you get no benefits past e40 or so, also you're really going to be straining the stock fuel system
  17. 1.5T CompTurbo Billet Wheel Upgrade

    Those wot pulls are both 3rd gear. Just hard to go flat out from 20-75 without lifting cleanly in my area due to the amount of cops, speed traps, and sometimes bad roads. Derek will be my tuner eventually, this was just to get the car street drivable with the new turbo until I get a new clutch...
  18. 1.5T CompTurbo Billet Wheel Upgrade

    Revision 4 datalog for anyone interested tunbed by Steve @ Etunez @D-RobIMW Would really like your feedback =)
  19. Best Tablet to Use With v1.2

    Y'all need to read the OP