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  1. Civic Type R vs used sports cars 911, S4, C43?

    That's why I bought the car and is how the car has been advertised from the get-go. Of course a FWD, 2L car isn't going to be fast in a straight line. If I cared about straight line performance or roll racing, I would have bought a 996 Turbo, a C6 Z06, or a bike. I wanted something reasonably...
  2. Civic Type R vs used sports cars 911, S4, C43?

    No you haven't hahaha. Honda Civic Type R (2018) - 3:03.9 Audi RS3 (2017) - 3:05.6 Audi S3 (2015) - 3:11.3 Type R is faster than an RS3 and leaves the S3 for dead.
  3. Question about Carfax & Insurance - what would you do?

    It will pay you a heavily downward adjusted amount. There is a company called CCC that exists to provide these skewed valuations and screw customers/benefit insurers. You will get something around the KBB value, likely below it. If that amount is less than your loan amount, you either have to...
  4. Civic Type R vs used sports cars 911, S4, C43?

    S3s are significantly slower than a Type R stock for stock. You can tune them up (and RS3s) to go very fast in a straight line but they don't handle well. The guy is in Finland - I don't think it's even sold there. It's also double the price of the cars he's considering.
  5. 4 point harness for track days or more seat security

    My point is that all it provides is more security in the seat, which might lead to a false sense of security on track. Watch the video I posted earlier from Schroth on this product. It does not look like the inner straps are deforming very much, and the test dummy significantly submarines in...
  6. 4 point harness for track days or more seat security

    I trust a roll bar much more than the rear belt mountings to not deform and continue to restrain me during a crash. Takes about 30 seconds with a socket set to switch over the 3 point belt through the lower receptacle - not overly difficult. A fixed bucket seat reduces the likelihood of...
  7. 4 point harness for track days or more seat security

    That 4 point harness is affixed to a roll bar and the car uses a Recaro Pole Position, which is a fixed back racing seat that also helps prevent submarining. Generally, you would want to wear a HANS device with this setup on track as well. Another important point is that it also has a 3 point...
  8. Opinions please on two deals

    Yeah, essentially a balloon loan. Definitely not a great idea for everyone or every car. Before I pulled the trigger, I looked at the residuals PenFed offered vs. what 2017 were selling for and was pretty confident I wouldn't be underwater at any point. It's worked out well. Basically works out...
  9. Opinions please on two deals Basically a lease payment (you are essentially paying for depreciation only). I did it on my 2019 and the residual was lower then, so my monthly is $429.
  10. 4 point harness for track days or more seat security

    To reiterate what I (and others) have said, here is a video produced by Schroth on these 4 point Quick Fit belts: A couple of things to note: 1. They claim these belts prevent submarining. Look at where the dummy's shoulders start (slightly above top of backrest) and look at where they are...
  11. Opinions please on two deals

    Do the deal via PenFed and pay $330 a month for a brand new 2020. Lots of added features for 2020 vs. 2019 (unlike '19 vs. '18 which was just infotainment buttons). No brainer vs. a 2019 in my view.
  12. 4 point harness for track days or more seat security

    No anti-sub belt(s), no go. I believe they have an option to add them, but don't know where the anchor point would be. On top of that, you should not be running any harness without a HANS device. In a big crash, your chance of injury will be much higher than with a standard, 3 point belt...
  13. Civic Type R vs used sports cars 911, S4, C43?

    Civic Type R will certainly outhandle/outbrake most of those cars. Personally, I would not consider any of those except the Porsche. The early years of the 997 (non-Mezger engine, so Carrera and Carrera S) had IMS bearing issues, which if left untreated will grenade the engine. I have a good...
  14. FS: 2019 Championship White Civic Type R (R-26262) - $33.5K OBO

    Another bump - would like to get this sold in the next 3-4 weeks.
  15. Insurance Topic how does it look to insure a type R? Geico doesn't have Type R as a quote?

    I'm at ~$980/6 months for my CTR and my wife's Prius. $500 deductible for comp and collision, 250K/500K/250K coverage, uninsured coverage is added on (as opposed to reduced) by other party's limits. I think I have medical bills and rental car too, not 100% sure. The CTR is around $600/6 months...
  16. Brake fluid change DIY or bring it to a shop?

    That's a great way to not have to do maintenance - just get a whole new car, haha! Congrats man.
  17. Sometimes I Hate This Car

    I'll take a guess - eats tires and overheats. Also not caged.
  18. Randy Pobst drove my car. For those that race\track - is there ANY way to eliminate tire rollover on the OEM fronts without running insane pressures

    Guessing he means Cup 2s. They were very cheap a few months ago (around $100/ea), so not a huge deal to destroy them, but the car does still eat them up because there isn't enough front camber.
  19. Front brake rotors bad at 25k miles?!

    The minimum thickness is 30mm - Brembo handily included dimples in the rotors to measure wear. The spots that look like cross-drilled holes but don't go all the way through the rotor are exactly 2mm deep. When those disappear, you replace the rotor. They're the silver looking holes on the...