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  1. New 2022 CTR?

    I'm probably in the minority, but I hope the next CTR is a hybrid, don't care about AWD, but a hybrid with HP at or a bit higher than now with hopefully better MPG? Sign me up. I doubt it will look like that, or come out in 2022 though. It'll probably be like the current CTR where we got the new...

    I have Spoon springs and forget I'm running an aftermarket spring most of the time. I actually think they make R mode feel better as the spring matches the damper more IMO.
  3. ST XTA Coilovers

    I had STs on my old BRZ and loved them, good to see them coming to the FK8. If pricing is near what it was for the BRZ set, definitely the best coilovers you can buy before spending a ton of money. If only you didn't have to spend another $400 for cancellers, lol.
  4. 2020 CTR Tempered Glass Screen for Radio? Is it needed

    I've tried 2 different ones off Amazon and removed both. First was too shiny and I was having too many glare issues and the second was matte/antiglare but the cutouts weren't done properly so it looked like crap.
  5. Voltex 2v from Evasive Motorsports

    Someone really needs to try color matching the mounting bracket and end plates, I would be that guy but I don't have the money to make the spoiler work for me.
  6. Fell out of love with my FK8...

    Just to note OP started this thread and hasn't bothered to reply to it.
  7. Keep the warranty or tune the car???

    Personally won't be tuning mine. It's my daily driver and I need to not worry about it at all. I don't care how safe a tune is, if something were to happen and Honda denies me because of the tune I would not be happy about spending $10k out of pocket (and my wife would probably kill me).
  8. Fell out of love with my FK8...

    I just think you bought the wrong car man, the car is exactly what it was supposed to be.
  9. What did you do to your Type R today?

    Installed my Sweidit shifter panel (wings + console) over the weekend. Held off on doing the wings for so long because I always felt the panel needed to be done too, but he makes those now. The whole thing except the “floor” of the console is Alcantara now and it looks so nice.
  10. Thoughts on KW V3 Coilovers?

    KWv3s are generally considered one of the best sets of coilovers you can buy before getting into the super expensive sets. From what I remember they're not as hardcore as other sets in terms of stiffness, more of a street/track coilover than a track coilover.
  11. What did you do to your Type R today?

    You made the right choice.
  12. FS: Blue RAYS Valvestems

    A couple items I have laying around that I don't want, so let's see if we can find them a good home! Prices are shipped in the USA, if you're local and want to pick up I can knock a little off. OEM Honda All Weather Mats SOLD Came with my car when I bought it, took them out on delivery. Front...
  13. Suggestion on Red Rally Armor for my FK8 2020 Type R Metallic Greg

    ZL1s look way better, so I'd go with those.
  14. Official Championship White Type R Picture Thread

    Ventured out into the world to ship out my old wheels, took a second to admire the new ones.
  15. What did you do to your Type R today?

    One of the advantages to having gloss black is it’s easy to match, glad you got it fixed man.
  16. SOLD FS: Gram Lights 57DR (Gloss Black)

    Nice! I’m hoping to go to some meets once things have calmed down a bit. Just sold over night.
  17. RAYS CTR FK8 Spec Wheel Options

    I think they're not RAYS wheels, but they look pretty good.
  18. PPF Issues... Am I crazy?

    Are the seams on the edges and corners of panels normal? That would bug the hell out of me and I would imagine collect dirt over time. My car has the OEM Honda door edge and handle clear guards and I'm just waiting to find the time to remove them properly because the edges have gotten dirty and...
  19. Torn between SW388/ Regamasters

    It's just a finish difference really. Unless that flat black is your favorite and/or you're going for a full Spoon build I'd say the Regas are a better option since they're cheaper for the same wheel. What color is your CTR? That would influence the decision too.