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  1. How has COVID-19 affected your life so far..

    So far so good here. I have worked at home since 2007 for 2 different companies with the latest in Health Insurance software. I have not been interrupted at all. My wife works for head start, she is now working at home doing remote sessions with parents/kids, so far no interruption there as...
  2. 1.5t vs2.0na

    I have and feel it is faster for me when I control the shifts. Also helps from light to light in keeping the revs high like if you had a manual.
  3. Getting High Beam Flashed when driving with Low beams

    Personal preference legal or not. I dislike the mismatched lights so I changed out the fogs.
  4. 1.5t vs2.0na

    Thanks, but after reading through that and experimenting on this myself, since I have paddle shifters, when in S mode, this 2-step would not be necessary. Using paddle shifters in S mode makes it act/feel real close to a manual.
  5. 1.5t vs2.0na

    Do you have a link for this 2-step?
  6. 1.5t vs2.0na

    If you have "L" position on your shifter then it must be specific to the 2.0L. I have the 1.5L Turbo and I only have "S". BTW, "S" mode with the paddle shifters is the most fun you will get out of this setup I think.
  7. Getting High Beam Flashed when driving with Low beams

    I get flashed all of the time. I'm sure that increased when I replaced my ugly yellow fog lights that did not match the headlights with Cree LED bulbs. Looks so much better! However, the interesting thing is I get flashed more when it is darker, meaning, after the sun is down and there is little...
  8. Latest Honda Hack Pro v5.0.5 Is Awesome!

    I get the same buzz sound from the GPS navigation if turned up too loud. Think I need to more address the padding around the rim of the center channel speaker I think. Need to pull it out of the dash and test.
  9. 2018 Premium Audio System

    Not sure if I agree. I am looking at the JBL Bass Pro SL which has some of the best reviews around, has a frequency response of 35Hz-120Hz and is only $250. Looking at the higher roll off of the front speakers, I would want the sub signal to make sure I have all available low end frequencies...
  10. 2018 Premium Audio System

    I replaced my center channel with the popular JL Audio 3.5 inch speaker recommended on this forum. I also used the 3.5 in baffle also recommended. After hours of listening the baffle appears to muddy the sound especially at a certain middle frequency that causes a noticeable humming at said...
  11. Latest Honda Hack Pro v5.0.5 Is Awesome!

    I corrected my prior comment, google services should NOT be installed.
  12. Latest Honda Hack Pro v5.0.5 Is Awesome!

    Sounds like there are other services or software dragging the performance down. Sirius is not like FM radio. It has to do some processing, if the HU has other processes running it can cause interruption to things like this. Make sure all unnecessary services like Google services are un-installed.
  13. SOLD! JL AUDIO C2-350X 3.5" 2 Way Car Speaker, Baffle and wiring adapter for sale

    Replaced my 2019 Civic Touring sedan center channel speaker with the recommended JL Audio C2-350X 3.5in speaker. This mean that I have half of what I ordered to sell to anyone needing just one speaker for a center channel as well. Included with this is also the 3.5in baffle and the wiring...
  14. FS: JL Audio C2-350x + Metra 72-7800 Speaker Connector Harness

    If this falls through I am ready to buy as a back up.
  15. FS: 1x JL Audio C2-350X + Harness

    Anyone else have the JL Audio 3.5in, harness and baffle for sale let me know and we can negotiate an offer.
  16. Latest Honda Hack Pro v5.0.5 Is Awesome!

    Did you use 5.0.5 or the newer 5.0.10 that fixed issues with the camera's?
  17. 2018 Premium Audio System

    Cbus, if you get that JL Audio center, harness adapter and baffle I will split it with you. I live about 45 miles south of Columbus. Michael
  18. 2018 Premium Audio System

    Are there instructions on installing Jet Equalizer? I suspect the HU has to be rooted. Michael
  19. 2018 Premium Audio System

    Can you provide the way to hook up the front left/right and sub as input to the LC2i as a start? Quick wiring diagram and resistor specs?
  20. 2018 Premium Audio System

    Have you had time to come up with how-to to replace the filter caps in the LC2i? What values to replace them with? What about the resistors and how to wire up the front left/right pairs with the sub input into the LC2i? Appreciate all of your intricate work on this!