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  1. 2018-2019 Fuel Pump Motor Recall

    There is if you really want to go that route. My 4/17 never had any light for the pass 30k miles.
  2. 2020 Type R... OEM rims & tires! Perfect condition... Only 83 miles on tires/rims!

    :) Would you be selling those rotors :love:
  3. Bad Type R buying experience...

    Do you still have your AR-15?
  4. Front brake rotors bad at 25k miles?!

    Yes sir. I have 29k miles and already on my third set of pads. 5th sets on the rears . Can't imagine what the dealer charge for all these works.
  5. Selling my 2019 Rallye Red

    Auction prices 30~32 for white. I expect red sells for less. Source : Manheim
  6. GPS tracker for CTR

    We use dealer fleet tracking. You know the ones that the moment you missed a payment you get repo that kind of tracker. Goes with a power source from the car if you want you can have payment reminder buzz and starter interrupt. Live update on location,speed the place you stopped at and...
  7. 2020 SportLine Fk8 Black Front Seat Covers

    grab a bottle of black spray paint and painting my seats now....
  8. 2020 Type-R Parts

    You only need to know me-_- . I have wholesale accounts with these dealers. They are not the cheapest now since I found another one they do 30% off retail and delivered .
  9. JL Audio C2-350x Center/Dash Speaker Kit

    While I'm still have to work I take the stay at home order very seriously so .......
  10. JL Audio C2-350x Center/Dash Speaker Kit

  11. Favorite Brake Pads......GO!

    Can agree. My rears were shot at around 6k miles went back to the dealer they told me brakes are not part of the warranty... I'm pretty sure Merc's covers brakes for 1 year. Oh the oe tires went bald at the same time. Lot of canyon driving so I can't blame.
  12. Any 2020 Civic Type R arrived at dealerships?

    Other fee is just CA tires fees $6 each . plates. title transfer $15 . If used another 58.5 but that's it. All governmental and it's listed on the contract. I got ripped off on doc fees from some out of state purchase as well . 799 something But if you let them add GAP insurance ...
  13. Hatch Gap

    Yes sir. Other parts are just "included" Mine is MY17 so only 34775
  14. 2020 Type-R Parts

    Quite the opposite. Fake alcantara lasts longer than the real one. Real leather needs maintenance fake does not.
  15. 2020 Type-R Parts

    AC removal
  16. It’s a few days early, but...

    Congrats . I'm approaching the 3rd in a few months.... Bye bye warranty .
  17. Hatch Gap

    Well. You are really paying for engine, chassis, handling . The rest of the car is free. I told myself that and happily after.
  18. Any 2020 Civic Type R arrived at dealerships?

    In Cali there are regulations for doc fees. $85 is the maximum they can charge on a new car.
  19. Please help - Rear Brake Pads - How to Retract the Caliper Piston

    Rear pads actually took less time to replace than removing the wheels lol. I have a x431pro got it in 17 so this car is covered. Lot of features for sure .