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  1. New 2022 CTR?

    I like the front, hate the rear. These are based off the spy shots obviously... But everything is a rumor still though.
  2. Wheel lock key

    I’m not sure if all of them use the same key. That could be problematic if they did.
  3. Stuck at home for a bit...

    Those tests aren’t fun... They tickle your tear ducts, if they went further they’d sample your brain :p Good luck.
  4. Stuck at home for a bit...

    Speedy recovery man. Many people present differently with COVID-19. Stay safe.
  5. Handkraftd Steering Wheel

    If you can find an open listing on EBay, it may be worth messaging the seller and ask. My search for an all leather variant came up empty unfortunately. It’s a bit more pricey, but the BuddyClub wheel is another alternative. I’m 95% certain they both come off the same assembly line.
  6. My dyno numbers (Dynojet)

    Your boost hiccups are most likely due to intake temps. The car is known to pull power if the intake temps get too high. The car has been known to pull power by as much as 5-10% when the intercooler gets heat soaked (Perrin did a measurement; I think PRL did as well, but I can't seem to find...
  7. Suzuka LE lap record

    2020 does have updated dampers which can adjust 2x more than the 2019 does. Also I think the rear control arms were changed as well. Overall they claim more traction in +R mode and a softer comfort mode. This is all from the 2020 model.
  8. Why is the Type-R so slow?

    When it was first released it was a 35k car.
  9. ctr lug nuts solution

    They normally say the opposite. Unless the wheels you got are ball seated.
  10. ctr lug nuts solution

    I got a set from Fitment Industries when I bought my wheels. They were essentially a set of $45 dollar lugs. 😂
  11. ctr lug nuts solution

    If the new wheels call for a canonical but, use a canonical nut (non-OEM). If they are ball-seated, then the OEM will work if you can get it to fit.
  12. Question regarding warranty claims

    Seat, not seatbelt. 🤣 My car was actually one of the display vehicles for the Chicago autoshow, so that could explain a lot of the accelerated wear. Seat belts are fine though, that would be extremely worrisome.
  13. ctr lug nuts solution

    Definitely not. The stock FK8 wheels use a round/ball shape lug nut contact. Canonical, 60-degree tapered nuts will not work for the stock wheels and the stock ball-Type will not fit for most aftermarket wheels.
  14. Question regarding warranty claims

    It doesn’t hurt to ask. When I had my steering wheel replaced, it was done as a good faith repair as Honda did consider it a wear item, so they technically didn’t need to replace it. It depends on the dealership though. I have also gotten my seat replaced as well since it was beginning to tear...
  15. Red leather-wrapped shift knob on 2020 Type R ?

    I never had that issue with this shift knob, though I rarely rest my hand on the top of the shift knob, it’s always on the sides, front, and rear of the knob. It depends on how you shift the car IMO.
  16. Would you trade a BB order at msrp for this??

    Wait a second. Are you just selling your order slot for that car? In reality, if you could find another 2020, you could just sell the car and profit from the entire transaction, even if the second 2020 is above MSRP :p Or you could try to find a second at MSRP and trade your slot for the car...
  17. Red leather-wrapped shift knob on 2020 Type R ?

    2019 shift boot assembly will work with the 2019 locking nut. If you want it Alcantera, you’ll have to send it to an upholsterer to do that work (Overland or SWEIDIT for example), but it won’t be cheap. Alternatively, you can also get a different lock collar and nut from a third party, it’ll...

    Someone in one of the FB groups posted a video of a straight piped Type R. Sounded very close to this actually.
  19. NEW CTR - Dirt under the Clear Coat?

    For the most part, there wouldn’t be an issue going this route. Keep in mind that if you don’t like the paint job and they can’t get it to your liking, you’ll most likely be on the hook for the preprinted body panel. Additionally, if they did blending then it may also clash with the new...
  20. Is Getting Tuned in the Summer a Mistake?

    Humidity, heat, altitude, air pressure, etc. can all mess with dyno outputs. It’s very unfortunate. I do like the idea of going earlier in the morning like @fatherpain suggested though. It may also be useful to shut off the car and let it rest every once in a while (if you can afford to do...