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  1. Presenting the AWE Exhaust Suite for the FK8 Civic Type R. Available now!

    New cars no longer need the sniffer test, they check your ecu for any codes ect, and after market exhaust doesnt trip up any codes.
  2. Teamgens honda R6817

    Face palm moment, why does things happen in 3s.
  3. Teamgens honda R6817

    Yeah the pictures not bad but looks worst when I look at it in person.
  4. Teamgens honda R6817

    For the most part yes.
  5. Teamgens honda R6817

    The guy in the jeep got it the worst.
  6. Teamgens honda R6817

    so this just happened
  7. PRL Motorsports 2017+ Honda Civic Type-R FK8 High Volume Intake System

    I'll wait alittle bit longer for this intake, I'm sure they will have a version 2. It's like what they did with the prl intercooler they had stainless steel couple months later they have the sick ass black one, but it was already to late for me I had bought and installed the other one. Or I...
  8. PRL Motorsports 2017+ Honda Civic Type-R FK8 High Volume Intake System

    I dont think you made the cut for first 200, even if you pre order on that date.
  9. What if Type R was this color

    I think if it was a darker green it would look alright I suppose.
  10. What if Type R was this color

    I was doing the rim configurator on discount tire direct when I notice they didn't have the correct colors so, what if the type R was energy green. It's not that bad looking lol
  11. No! You can't drive my Type R

    I let my brother drive mine.
  12. WTT Red 2017 R with low miles for a CW type R

    I say keep it, until the refresh of 2020.Than you should either trade it or sell it. But if you really dislike the red color sell it and buy the one you want, like they say patience is virtue.
  13. Maintenance minder and Oil Changes

    I didn't change mine until 15% with over 10k miles.
  14. FS: Ktuner V2 $525 SOCAL

    I dont think it matters for ktuner, only hondata is vehicle specific or I could be wrong.
  15. Did I overpay for my CTR? What did you pay and final price once done paying?

    I paid 43k otd for my 2018, a good deal would be no markup lol.
  16. Which brand intake and why?

    I guess I will not be buying the stage 1, I will be waiting for the game changer.:):bow::bow::bow:
  17. Spoon Sports Exhaust

    A little late to the party.
  18. Brand new in box Flashpro for sale

    you mean jailbreak, the answer is yes and the cost is $250.
  19. Invidia r400

    Did you tight it, good an tight.