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  1. Spec Clutch Install Issues

    My guy at the shop installing the clutch states that the pedal engages so close to the ground it’s having a hard time going through gears. They’ve said to have checked everything and are still having issues Using a Spec Stage 2+ clutch from maperformance. Any help here would be great.
  2. Cannot shift into first!!!!!!!

    I can’t get into first gear. Don’t know what to do. Please help!
  3. CEL P0420 after exhaust install?!

    I just installed an AFE catback exhaust, AFE catless downpipe and AFE midpipe. Drove about 75 miles and now I’m throwing a P0420 code and it says my rev matching system has an issue. I cannot use rev matching, but everything else is completely fine from a feel standpoint. Anyone have more...
  4. Modesta BC04 vs. BC05

    Hey guys, Getting a Modesta Coating done on Thursday. Through my research, I can't find much of a difference between the BC-05 and the BC-04. Anyone have experience with Modesta? This is going to cost me 1500 plus 150 for correction and prep. I want to make sure and choose the right Coating...
  5. Head unit issues

    While driving my first 150 miles, the head unit disconnected from CarPlay, became unresponsive and started to flicker in and out every 20-25 seconds. After this trip was over and the car was started up again, I was able to connect, but every single time I drive, 2-4 minutes into my drive my...
  6. Extended Fuel Tank

    There are certain manufacturers out there that offer an extended fuel tank option. I know this isn't something that will be offered, but does anyone have any experience with doing this aftermarket if it's even possible? Would be great to have 25 or more gallons total.
  7. IL/WI/IN CTR Estimates

    Hey fellow Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana CTR people. I haven't seen anyone on here take delivery from these states yet if I'm not mistaking. Correct me if I'm wrong. Has anyone received an update? Anyone know when this zone is supposed to get the first wave? Starting to get impatient...