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  1. Sudden rise in road noise?

    Have same tire on our '12 Si - BTW they are unidirectional.
  2. Sudden rise in road noise?

    If "road noise" started right after you rotated the tires then you have the cause: 1) mis-mounted tire/tires. 2) one or more tires worn significantly more or in "strange" (alignment issue) pattern. 3) directional tires now going the wrong way.
  3. Harbor Freight Jack Stands Recall!!!

    Roadshow just posted the update - again Harbor Freight does the right thing!
  4. Anyone know what this is?

    Aftermarket anti-theft (Karr) device? Dealers in high loan default areas (think SoCal) appear to regularly "add" them and try to upsell. Did you buy new or used?
  5. Please read! Verified A/C issue with 1.5L

    Whoops - you're correct about the 36/36 and the 24/24 - however I'm assuming, perhaps incorrectly, that poster's 2016 model the was out of even that range and thus not a warranty item.
  6. Keyfob will not unlock or lock

    (This is from memory) If there's also a flashing "key" on the dash - There's a thread on here about having to set the e-brake and step on the brake while trying to start in order for the car to relearn the key - think it was for UK models but it worked for a Canadian car that had his battery die.
  7. Losing gas really quickly?

    You're not leaking. Range estimate Start is based on prior mileage and is only REDUCED by current mpg estimate. In my experience once it's set it never goes up - it may stay the same if you're now getting great mpg but will plummet if you are getting lower - think a long uphill or driving 80...
  8. Non leaking Condenser warranty

    Better question is what do they mean by "clogged": external - grass/off-road excursion or internal?
  9. Teenager backed into my parked car - go through insurance or out of pocket? FYI in California

    If either insurance company is involved you MAY wind up on a Carfax Report (which most people know is very Hit-or-Miss). If other car people are willing to fully pay for repair and you control who does it that may be the way to go. Also remember that a mechanics lean will hold your car until...
  10. Please read! Verified A/C issue with 1.5L

    Only rip-off was charging diagnosis fee - that should have been FREE as part of the recall. As your problem was not the condenser, and you were out of warranty (specifically 12 mo/12,000 miles for AC issues) it was truly your problem.
  11. New Battery Dead (edit)

    You should be all set - If you can't drive it once or twice a week just use the charger occasionally to keep the battery peaked. I know a fully charged battery should read 12.7 volts at 68 degrees but I've never seen ours above 12.4 after a full charge and sitting overnight, admittedly with the...
  12. New Battery Dead (edit)

    Check battery voltage after letting it sit overnight - initial reading is misleading - charge hysteresis. Not sure what the blue flashing light is - aftermarket security, remote for garage door opener? Need to check with others but .3 amps sounds high - would have expected .1 or below if all...
  13. Harbor Freight Jack Stands Recall!!!

    Not sure what to make of this - picture is of a stress test fracture with unknown stress. Article and reference to stress test indicate a 3 ton rated stand was stressed to 9 tons! Recall is for ratchet releasing not splitting the stand. Whatever - hope user contacted NHTSA not a lawyer.
  14. New Battery Dead (edit)

    Most store-bought batteries need charging. If you have access to an electrical outlet, a charger can save your bacon - one use will pay for it.
  15. New Battery Dead (edit)

    First battery was at it's end of life or not fully recharged after jumping. Did you have a full charge on the new battery when you installed it? It takes a good bit of driving to recharge an uncharged battery. Trying to jump and just "clicking" could have been a bad connection between the...
  16. Insurance Topic how does it look to insure a type R? Geico doesn't have Type R as a quote?

    Same policy or driver related? Or that the HB has collision and the Ex doesn't? -> apples vs oranges
  17. Maintenance items that are time dependent regardless of mileage?

    As you live in an area that likely salts the roads - have your brakes inspected/lubed every year or two (with oil change or tire rotation?). Caliper pins corrode and may cause binding or seizing of calipers. Our dealer does a free courtesy inspection each time I visit and will/may recommend...
  18. Honda's current stance on the factory fill oil?

    Only "clue" is what the owner's manual states: "Change the oil and filter in accordance with the maintenance message on the driver information interface."
  19. How much did you pay to have your mods installed? (SoCal)

    Think shop rate in your area - $2,000-$4,000 in your area, plus parts.