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  1. Hood Replacement?
  2. Aftermarket Exterior Cosmetic Suggestions/Reviews

    You're in luck, I bought an OEM black hood. I can sell it to you for my cost, $450. I'm in the Brenham area, about halfway between Austin and Houston.
  3. Aftermarket Exterior Cosmetic Suggestions/Reviews

    I had to buy a new radar mounting bracket. Did the R&R myself. I forget how much it cost to have them aim it.
  4. 2016 Civic LX knocking/ticking around dash/hood when idling warm engine

    I can hear it. Does it go away when the AC is off?
  5. Hood Replacement?

    Check ebay or car-parts for OEM same color hoods. I replaced mine for $120, same color and OE. No problem.
  6. Wtb front bumper

    I have 2 in grey. One is in better condition than the other.
  7. Aftermarket Exterior Cosmetic Suggestions/Reviews

    I'll sell you mine for cheap. 2 hoods 2 bumper covers
  8. Wtb front bumper

    What color?
  9. Hit the curb

    If your wheel turned after the Collision, then something is bent. Start from the wheel and work your way up. LCA, tie rod, shock,knuckle. I had the same issue. Dealer said it was the subframe but it was the knuckle assembly.
  10. Hit the curb

    I got a knuckle and spindle assembly from a salvage yard for $100. Easy R&R if you have the tools and basic automotive skills.
  11. Aftermarket Exterior Cosmetic Suggestions/Reviews

    Recycle1LLC Best of luck, I'm having s HARD time finding a decent hood in grey Bumper i found on OfferUp What color is your car?
  12. New hood: OE color, Carbon fiber, aftermarket wrapped w/ roof & trunk

    My CC doesn't worj because my radar is broke lol
  13. Do I need to get the radar plate for the front bumper?

    Im almost 100% sure it will fit. I have a bumper cover from a '19 on my '16.
  14. Gloss black or matte black grille?

    Trippy. I like it.
  15. New hood: OE color, Carbon fiber, aftermarket wrapped w/ roof & trunk

    I don't feel comfortable answering those questions without the presence of my attorney. Jokes aside, I drive A LOT. 1st Collision was after i was driving home from college, i was having a severe panic attack and was just recently diagnosed with anxiety and depression. I took my medication and...
  16. New hood: OE color, Carbon fiber, aftermarket wrapped w/ roof & trunk

    I need a new hood, again. Last time I got lucky and found OE color for $120 in Houston and avoided shipping. All the OE color hoods are from out-of-state and cost over $400. A friend who owns a body shop can get a Capa certified for 250. I do not want to paint a hood to match the color...
  17. Gloss black or matte black grille?

    What do you guys think about wrapping the grille to color match the car?
  18. Gloss black or matte black grille?

    Wrapping is a great idea! Something i can do at home? I have a heat gun and razor blades (got plenty of razor blades):confused1:
  19. Rattling/shaking windows?

    Added to the list. Thanks.