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  1. Official AEGEAN BLUE Civic Thread

    Thanks! To be perfectly honest, the only thing I dipped myself was the grille and rear emblem. The window trim is kind of a pain in the ass so I paid to have a specialty shop do that ($40). I'm really happy with the way it turned out.
  2. Official AEGEAN BLUE Civic Thread

    Got my grille and window trim Dipped. I think I'm done for now......;)
  3. Official AEGEAN BLUE Civic Thread

    I'm not entirely sure because I didn't do it myself. But I know the shop that did it used a tint film. Same with the rear "fog lights" down in the bumper.
  4. Official AEGEAN BLUE Civic Thread

    Finally got my blue plates for my blue coupe!
  5. Post your pets!

    This is my Pug. His name is Buddy. He's 2 years old. :-)
  6. Optimal Cruising Speed for MPG

    I've been testing this myself. I have found that the optimal cruising speed for MPG in my Civic 1.5 is between 45-55 mph.
  7. What do you do for a living?

    I'm a CPA working as a Corporate Tax Manager at Caesars Entertainment in Las Vegas.
  8. Any other Civic Coupes in Sin CIty?

    I got my Civic Coupe on Memorial Day. Since then, I've seen a ton of Civic sedans driving around, but not a single coupe. Anyone out there with a coupe in Las Vegas?
  9. itsBECKERZ' '16 Rallye Red Coupe

    Looks great man! Welcome to the Civic Coupe Clan
  10. What did you do to your Civic today?!

    I had the rear turn signals/rear fog lights/side markers tinted (not sure what darkness they are but are easily visible in day and night) and my front fog lights tinted yellow. The guy at the tint shop talked me into the latter. I wasn't sure at first but now that they're yellow I actually...
  11. 2016 Aegean Blue Coupe!

    Had the reverse lights/rear fog lights/side markers tinted and the fog lights yellowed (guy talked me into the fog lights). I'm very happy with the look.
  12. What did you do to your Civic today?!

    Hey man, I love the look you have going on with your Civic. Quick question....I noticed your rear turn signals are tinted. How dark is the tint? Is it difficult to see them at night or are the lights sufficiently bright?
  13. What did you do to your Civic today?!

    That shiny black grille is AWESOME. How did you do that?
  14. What did you do to your Civic today?!

    Nice! Me too!
  15. Console Knee Pad/Cushion?

    Looks awesome! Where did you find the double sided tape?
  16. Official AEGEAN BLUE Civic Thread

    That was how I thought it worked too at first. But once you try the product it is VERY easy to do in half an hour. Much easier than removing and replacing the entire emblem.
  17. Console Knee Pad/Cushion?

    I'm thinking something like this may work...... It's a gaming wrist pad, but it's got a gel insert and would probably fit the side of the center console (I'm...
  18. Console Knee Pad/Cushion?

    Does anyone know of a company that makes a decent universal console knee pad? I looked on Amazon and most of them are custom made for particular cars. The few that were universal got crappy ratings. I know it probably sounds like a minor annoyance having my knee rest against the hard plastic...