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  1. D2 Racing Coilovers @ Redline360

    What are the spring rates on these for the FK8
  2. Anybody know this guy and his Type R that crashed??

    Between us gals, I do ok. I work a lot (day job as a director of operations for a large accounting firm, multiple real estate properties and rentals, Youtube) and have been saving/investing as much as possible through my 20s. I'm 32 now, so the BIGGEST hit by far has been and will be the time...
  3. Anybody know this guy and his Type R that crashed??

    Yea, the track itself is EXTREMELY challenging. I've been to NJMP (both tracks), NY Safety Track, Watkins Glenn, Palm Beach and Pocono, Shenandoah has been the bumpiest one with the least amount of runoff I've ever seen. I should have probably taken that as a hint to slow down, but I really...
  4. Anybody know this guy and his Type R that crashed??

    I know this guy!! He's that cat guy no one likes....... :hide: LOL - in all seriousness, you guys can reach out to me on my instagram or facebook pages, happy to chat/review/give advice on stuff. And yes, crashed the R doing exactly what I wanted to do with it - racing it. I'll put her back...
  5. Type R Owners, How much do you make? Financial advisers chime in.

    It's really tough to give advice, so I'll share my experience (I'm currently 32). My Honda Prelude was the only car I owned from 2008 through 2018 (I've made north of 100K since 2013), and I only bought a NEW car after I was making north of 150K per year, and AFTER I had bought my first house...
  6. Side effects of owning an R might include...

    everyone always tries to race, from SUVs to clapped out old Civics, always revving and flooring it whenever I'm in the R.
  7. 10th Gen Si Owner Abuses and Blows Motor

    play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Street racing is dumb for many reasons, one reason people don't talk about is that it really doesn't mean anything. For real results, you need a controlled environment - there are places that you can take your car to and roll race/drag race. Better yet...
  8. Risk of blowing a turbo?

    I wouldn't hesitate to run the Ktuner system. I haven't had any issues with the tuner or the tunes in my Type R, and I have a lot of friends with both Hondata and Ktuners in their 1.5ts, running fine. Honestly, the clutch is usually the first thing go, and that's mostly based on driving style
  9. Cheap Slotted (not drilled) front rotors for the FK8??

    Hey Jason, we've spoken via email ([email protected]). I agree - saving 5 pounds of weight does help track performance, but as an aspiring racer, all costs come out of my pocket at the moment, and those costs add up QUICKLY! I think 3-4 sets at 80 bucks each (or around 300 bucks) will...
  10. Cheap Slotted (not drilled) front rotors for the FK8??

    Yea I did find those drilled rotors on Tire rack for the Type R, can't believe there aren't any other choices except for the super expensive gyrodisk! While the gyrodisk are nice, I'm not going to gain seconds off my lap because I'm running it, and since my racing is wife sponsored, I need to be...
  11. Cheap Slotted (not drilled) front rotors for the FK8??

    So, I'm stockpiling parts for the 2019 track/race season. I have a large parts bin already in the shed ready to be installed (IC, DP, FP, Engine mount, Radiator) and 16 200 TW tires and a set of hoosiers mounted to wheels as well. What I need is to stockpile cheap slotted (or even just vented)...
  12. DIY Rally Armor Mud Flap Install

    Good time to update this thread! The front ones, the ones that do the great majority of the protecting, stayed on perfectly and are doing a great job. The rear ones came off after backing up into snowbanks. If you never hit reverse on snowbanks, they will last. Otherwise, they will not.
  13. KTuner for CivicX passes the 2 year mark!

    Awesome! 2 years down, many more to go, can't wait to see what else Ktuner has for us
  14. Ktuner/Vit tune vs. Hondata

    for the 10th gens, Ktuner offers the best rev hang delete. That was enough for me when I got mine for my sport hatch last August.
  15. Civic X Life Expectancy

    A lot of it will depend on how it was driven, as usual. I imagine a Hatch Sport to last a LONG time, as it has simple electronics, but if it's driven like I drive em, the motor, trans and suspension will be entirely worn out after 5-8 years. Now, the CVTs.... Well, don't expect them to last...
  16. Why does the stock 2017/2018 Si seem to underperform on the 0-60 & quarter mile relative to specs?

    Honestly, with a few K thrown at the suspension and brakes (and Ktuner), the Si makes an incredible case for itself as a track day car
  17. How to Root your headunit and install TunerView

    Hey there, thought I'd post a helpful walkthrough of how to root your Type R headunit and install tunerview. This works with any 10thgen Civic with the touchscreen display.
  18. KTuner Extended Testing And Tune Results

    Here's a driving impressions review of the Stage 0 and Stage 1 from Ktuner. Track day tomorrow...
  19. KTuner Extended Testing And Tune Results

    This is why I love the work Ktuner is putting into their tuner and the tunes.