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  1. Mishimoto Performance Air Intake Honda Civic 2016+ MMAI-CIV-16

    Still for sale? Where in Indiana? I'm near Fishers, maybe I can do local pickup.
  2. Indiana Drivers?

    also down for a meet.
  3. WTB 18" Hatchback Sport Wheels Indianapolis Area

    Looking for a contiguous state pickup for some 18" hatchback sport wheels. Will consider taking them with tires if available.
  4. 2018 Honda HFP wheels 19”

    Still available?
  5. SOLD: Hondata FlashPro (1.5T Civic 2016+)

    bump, now $500 shipped for the flashpro.
  6. SOLD: Hondata FlashPro (1.5T Civic 2016+)

    still for sale!
  7. SOLD: Hondata FlashPro (1.5T Civic 2016+)

    bump, FlashPro still for sale. Injen SRI sold.
  8. SOLD: Hondata FlashPro (1.5T Civic 2016+)

    please refer to hondatas website. the flashes are loaded in by the client application that you download. standards are +3,6, and 9 psi. there are images for different intakes, as well. hondata can tell you if you need premium fuel for a predefined tune. i ran +6 psi w/ SRI and used 93 octane...
  9. SOLD: Hondata FlashPro (1.5T Civic 2016+)

    I appreciate the reply. The price is very firm.
  10. SOLD: Hondata FlashPro (1.5T Civic 2016+)

    It was on the car for about four months. The filter is brand new, and has never been on any car. Please see the original post. EDIT: the attached picture shows the filter than I crunched on accident. New one is in the imgur album I posted.
  11. SOLD: Hondata FlashPro (1.5T Civic 2016+)

    Selling my 2016+ Civic 1.5T Hondata FlashPro & (SOLD) Injen Short Ram Intake. Getting rid of them because I'm perfectly content with my civics 174 stock horsies. There is definitely an uptake in power and torque with this combination, although there is no obligation to buy them as a kit...
  12. WTB: Hatchback sport wheels (Midwest pickup or seller pays shipping)

    Looking to buy some hatchback sport wheels... $550 is my budget for flawless, willing to talk downward from that if they have damage, upward if you'd like to sell the wheels and tires as a combo. I'm in the midwest (Indianapolis), so I'd prefer someone who lives in the region so I can go pick...
  13. Indiana Drivers?

    Nice ride! I'm also in the Geist area. If you ever see a red coupe, it's probably me.