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  1. FS: Hondata Flashpro 1.5T

  2. FS: Hondata Flashpro 1.5T

    Price dropped to $500.
  3. FS: Hondata Flashpro 1.5T

    Sorry but I can’t let it go for that. I paid $700 when I bought it.
  4. FS: Hondata Flashpro 1.5T

    Still available
  5. FS: Hondata Flashpro 1.5T

    As tempting as it is to take $150, or 28% off my asking price, I will have to pass on that. Appreciate the offer.
  6. FS: Hondata Flashpro 1.5T

    Ive decided to sell my flash pro. I will pay for shipping to the United States. Was on my 2017 Civic Hatch sport. $500
  7. 1.5T Needing to replace plugs. What should I go with?

    I am going to replace the plugs on my car, but I need to know what I should go with for plugs. I’m running all stock other than hondata tune at 26psi. Any information on best plugs since I’m pushing more boost and what I should gap them to is much appreciated. Thanks!
  8. Limp Mode Again

    going to try and datalog it tonight. It never seems to do in when I am. But it’s not a fuel issue. On 93 octane. No ethanol.
  9. Limp Mode Again

    Around 45-50 degrees Fahrenheit
  10. Limp Mode Again

    Just running the base map from hondata.
  11. Limp Mode Again

    I haven’t checked plugs yet. Engine was around 170.
  12. Limp Mode Again

    No intake.
  13. Limp Mode Again

    Happened again today. On the +6 psi tune. All stock other than the tune. Was driving home, went WOT and at about 4500rpm the car surged and then lost all power. Check engine light flashing and won’t move under its own power. Pulled over. Try to rev it and it revs super rough. Plugged in my...
  14. Car went into limp mode

    2017 Civic Hatchback Sport. 16k mi. Hondata tune. Did a pull, full throttle, almost to redline and the car lost all power, check engine light came on. Car wouldn’t move. Showed codes P0300 multiple random misfire P0301 cyl 1 miss P0302 cyl 2 miss P0303 cyl 3 miss P0304 cyl 4 miss Pulled over...
  15. CVT TQ tables (more boost) and Boost by Gear - FlashProManager 2.8.3 -

    Yes I only run premium, but that is only 91octane up here. So that's what I run. Anything particular you want me to do when I drive or just drive around town?
  16. CVT TQ tables (more boost) and Boost by Gear - FlashProManager 2.8.3 -

    went out and did a oull from a dig, and then did a roll from 20mph. Not sure but it looks to me like it is leaning out.
  17. CVT TQ tables (more boost) and Boost by Gear - FlashProManager 2.8.3 -

    After changing those tables I'm peaking out around 22psi