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  1. Best Cargo Tray maker?

    I purchased a moving blanket as an alternative to the trunk liner.

    I had my PFF done in red hook brooklyn. Owner really cares about his work.
  3. PPF

    Nope. If you're going to do a waxing/sealant job, I recommend using a fine detailing brush
  4. PPF

    I have both front and rear bumpers wrapped in PPF (what I consider high prone areas). If you can afford a complete wrap, then yes. Cleaning and maintenance is just the same. To reduce any risk of delamination, just don't aim the pressure washer directly on the edge of the PPF.
  5. Best All Season Tires

    Let me know what your thoughts are on comfort and firmness on the a/s 3+ as you get more seat time on the tires. Still deciding what tires to choose in dealing with the bad undulating roads in the northeast.
  6. Best All Season Tires

    I'm also researching myself on upgrading the A/S tires on stock wheels, and just riding the stock tires out until it's time for a change. So far I've narrowed down to these: -Michelin A/S 3+ -Conti DWS 06 -BF Goodrich Comp 2 A/s -Bridgestone Turanza Quiettrack (G. Touring A/S) BF Goodrich is...
  7. Quakaroaks' FK7

    Quakaroaks' FK7

  8. 1.5T MFactory Helical LSD, Spec Stage 2+ Clutch & SM Steel Flywheel, Installed in my 18 Sport

    Welp, was inquiring also to other possible fk7 hatch owner's who have this LSD installed Cheers. :)
  9. 1.5T MFactory Helical LSD, Spec Stage 2+ Clutch & SM Steel Flywheel, Installed in my 18 Sport

    Hello, Just reviving this thread. Inquiring your feedback on the MFactory LSD on the FK7 and also if any FK7 owner's who have this LSD installed provide their experience. Thanks.
  10. Hesistation/Stutter at Low RPMs - Tweaked Starter 21 KTuner

    Thank you so much for going out of your way to beta test. That's very encouraging. (Currently running TSP Stage 1, Map 1)
  11. Hesistation/Stutter at Low RPMs - Tweaked Starter 21 KTuner

    @kytos @David228cx Have been experiencing throttle judder myself under 1500RPM, count me in on that.
  12. took the plunge

    I wouldn't sweat it, enjoy your Si
  13. took the plunge

    I could attest my buyer experience at autosport, no add ons when I got the 6mt hatch. OK deal and no headaches with the finance Dept.
  14. 2017 Civic Hatchback sport Misfire

    Might want to do a diagnostic test for air leaks. If you have a Bluetooth obd2 reader and the torque app for Android, I recommend you to do real time monitoring for fuel trims ST/LT and see if the car is running lean. Is it still triggering the same codes? Do a freeze frame and look at the...
  15. Is it worth it to trade in 2018 Hatch Sport to 2020 Hatch sport?

    It's a matter of your personal preference. I have a 2018 and was willing to live with the non-Android/Apple CP infotainment and no Honda sensing (not my personal cup of tea). It simply came down to cost.
  16. How often do you see civics with the same color as yours?

    Once or twice a month with PMM (modern steel). P. S. SGP was my first and favorite color of choice. I always feel jealous of seeing the SGP hatch parked on the street. The PMM definitely grew me over during the course of ownership. Safe and happy driving sir!
  17. All-Weather Tires

    What's your experience with the Vredestein's in terms of traction and tread life? Seem to read mixed reviews on tirerack.
  18. Manual Shifting Noob Question

    Probably your left foot was slightly high up getting close above the engagement (bite) point where the clutch starts to chatter and your car is about to stall as you were giving some gas. Watch below link for hill starts, helped me. Hope this helps.
  19. 18' Emblem search

    Below are links for FK7 Hatch Front and Rear badges
  20. 18' Emblem search

    Got my chrome badges from Heeltoe Auto