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  1. Distilled water for coolant flush?

    The coolant is supposed to last like 7 years. The procedure is simply to draw and refill. I wouldn't flush it with anything unless you have a very good reason to it. It's difficult to get 100% of fluid out of the system so you're gonna end up with more diluted coolant than you want due to...
  2. Oil life at 90% already , I bought a used 2018 Civic LX

    85% usage / 310 days = 0.27% per day OP had oil changed 35 days ago 35 x 0.27% = 9.6% lost
  3. Oil life at 90% already , I bought a used 2018 Civic LX

    So why does it matter you've only had the car one week? The oil life was reset over a month ago and is going down accordingly.
  4. Oil life at 90% already , I bought a used 2018 Civic LX

    The oil was changed over a month ago?
  5. Oil life at 90% already , I bought a used 2018 Civic LX

    Calculated by both time and mileage. It's normal.
  6. Running a Bigger Tire

    Nobody gives a shit what the tread looks like man. Get the best tire you can afford if you're concerned about grip.
  7. Running a Bigger Tire

    Yeah OP, what tires are you currently on? The stock tires are crap.
  8. Issue After Installing D2 Lowering Spring on my 2018 Sport Touring

    It's pretty common to pull out an axle from the trans when removing the front struts. Check there first.
  9. Si downpipe fit non si?

    They're the same.
  10. What is this connector?

    It's the connector for the wastegate actuator. I can't see what's broken from your pic but if its functioning correctly still just heatshrink over it or wrap in electrical tape if you're concerned about water ingress.
  11. Downpipe?

    I'd recommend PRL, 27WON, or RV6 for downpipes. They're all very well built and will all be significantly louder and more powerful than the restricted stock unit
  12. My Si was broken into

    I'm sure if the cat was easy to remove it would have been gone too. I guess there's a benefit to having it integrated into the downpipe lol. It's very fast if you know what you're doing. We actually had them on security footage, but nothing usable. he was in and out in about 2 minutes.
  13. Fender Shrouds Concept, You Like?

    You should finally be the first company to make these with provisions for the washer fluid reservoir on the opposite side for Canadian models, you'd make a killing.
  14. Charge pipes....that is the question.

    I ran it with the stock turbo. No lag.
  15. Charge pipes....that is the question.

    It's not a requirement but I'd suggest just doing it all in one shot. Some companies like 27WON don't even offer the core without the pipes, so obviously they think it's worth it.
  16. 1.5T oil cooler options - what are you running?

    It's a shame CSF doesn't have an option for the 10th gen Civic yet. If I ever need to switch mine out on the STi I'd go with their aluminum rad that has a thermostatted water/oil cooler built in. That's a really elegant OEM+ option to this problem.
  17. Cheapest type r ive ever seen not wrecked

    Title washed when moved from NJ to PA?
  18. Fk8 won't start after fuel system install

    Just to double check, are you sure you're not getting stumped by the immobilizer? If you disconnect battery power you need to hold the clutch AND brake to the floor to get it to start, otherwise it'll do the crank/rumble/die thing like you're describing.
  19. Blown engine, dealer refusing warranty

    He never said the dealer did the oil change - he just used a factory filter.
  20. Engine swap... SI into MANUAL hatch?

    A friend of mine here is a mechanic who has done this numerous times. I think the only major issue is there's some subtle wiring differences depending on the year and trim of car. It's definitely doable.