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  1. Whiteline Anti Lift Kit

    Is the fk8 the same as all the other civics underneath cant find any direct install videos at all, and would i need those custom shims too for the same clunking noise problem?
  2. speedometer from a Type R (FK8) in a 1.5 Sport Plus (FK7)?

    Yeah but if its a code their should be a way to code it in rather than having to do a whole cluster swap. I wish ktuner would work on allowing you to code that in. In the bmw platform you could code simple stuff like that so easily. They digital guage is not ground breaking tech at all dont know...
  3. speedometer from a Type R (FK8) in a 1.5 Sport Plus (FK7)?

    Does anyone know the reasoning why si is able to display psi number next to boost gauge and non si cant? Has to be the way it’s coded rather than any kind of extra connectors or pin right?
  4. Rear big brake kit

    Cant wait thank you for your ingenuity
  5. Rear big brake kit

    I have seen other platforms with more advanced rear electronic parking brake system than us offer reasonably price bbk for the rear. Kinda ridiculous we have absolutely nothing mainstream to change the rear, doesn’t got be a total caliper change but none of these big performance companies can...
  6. New York 2019 Hatchback Full Build!!!

    Do you not have stock parts anymore?
  7. 2019 civic sport hatch exhaust fitment for 2020 civic sport sedan

    If anyone want a low mileage stock sport fk7 exhaust in excellent condition, im letting it go for $150🤷🏽‍♂️
  8. Should I sell my ktuner or not?

    You went through all that trouble of increasing power fbo and custom tune, and upgrading brakes to handle that power is where you drew the line so you revert everything back to stock. Sure makes complete sense….
  9. Brake Info thread

    Do you know the size limit of non si though? Not looking to change out rear calipers
  10. CV Axle Grease Buildup?

    Careful if you have an aftermarket front pipe the dealership will blame your front pipe due to it not having the little shield like the oem had attached, cuasing your axel to “heat up and leak”. Totally stupid cuase it still would leak and need replacing even on stock setup its a common problem...
  11. Invidia Gemini R400 Exhaust VS Greddy Exhaust

    Im planning on goin with the greddy the tips are better and it sounds aggressive which is what i want. I just havent gotten it yet cuase idk what to do with the stock exhaust I don’t wanna keep it, i want it gone right away lol
  12. Ktuner affecting A/C, Electronic Steering, etc.

    Did you come to the dealership with your ktuner already plugged in?
  13. Anyone want a new Type R? Lol

    The idiots who would gladly pay this much for a civic are the ones who go all over instagram like they some kind of hero justifying their purchase to the world🤦
  14. Brake Info thread

    That would be awesome! Im gonna end up with 350z rotors on the front crossed and drilled i would like the back to match as well with same pattern
  15. Brake Info thread

    Wait so whats the size limit you can upgrade rear rotors to as a %100 direct plug and play without any modifications?
  16. Where to buy CVT fluid?

    Why is it that most people say amsoil cvt fluid better? All the ever say “its better” and thats it, but what is the reasoning behind it? Is it supposed to be more heat resistant than oem fluid, or why its making the transmission run smoother than oem fluid like people claim?
  17. Oil Leak on the back of skid plate

    I mean the ac still works good and blows the same cold air since day one. Im more worried about the shaft bearing now if anything gets even worse theyl use my front pipe as an excuse to not cover it under warranty. It still would leak and need replacing even with stock but theyl try to bs me in...
  18. Oil Leak on the back of skid plate

    Update took my car to the dealership today. again starting the car in my garage it was leaking without turning ac on. I touched the liquid today felt more like water thought it was the ac compressor shaft leaking due to all the letters they sent admitting bad design and extending warranty. Tech...
  19. Lowering the car

    with your “weak ass” wheel setup you are completely fine lol
  20. Oil Leak on the back of skid plate

    I discovered the same issue today, i was backing out of garage and i notice a puddle of liquid coming out of the bottom of the skid plate more on the passenger side. I didnt go anywhere and let it sit in the driveway for about 2 hours and it was still leaking. At first i thought it was coolant...