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  1. Need Help With Sputtering

    Any mods on the engine ? Did you tuned your car ?
  2. Squeaky noise when pressing clutch

    And how can you be sure that the dealer's mechanic did a good job? Because it eliminated / decrase the noise for a few days, so the lubrication works but it has to be done well. Same when I didn't use the right product. And now you're going to give this dealer a lot of money for a new part? Go...
  3. Squeaky noise when pressing clutch

    I had the same noise problem, but the pedal didn't seem any harder. I have tried everything ; different oil etc. The only thing that worked was to push some grease with a brush because this mechanism is difficult to reach under the dash. Since 3 years ; no more noise. Dealers; unable to...
  4. Valve Clearance Adjustment 1.5 - My Experiance

    274K miles !! Wow ! " Adjustments needed were very minor, but it does seem somewhat quieter and a little more smooth." - Honda built a very good engine
  5. Aftermarket Headlight Flickering

    ". They’re the Vland LED style headlights...." Cheap chineese made?
  6. Civic Hatch 2017 Collison notification Problem When Raining

    Did he fix it ? Too often, there is no going back once the problem is resolved. I see it, unfortunately too often in different forums
  7. Tube broken off in dipstick port while changing oil. Any ideas?

    We are in 2023, not in the Middle Ages, God (if it exists which is not proven) has nothing to do with your success but your intelligence.
  8. Warrant Extension: A/C compressor shaft seal leak

    I received this letter, What I would fear is that the dealer replaces this seal for free but also replaces other parts (not guaranteed) supposedly to have access to this seal (real or false?) so that the car brings him more money. I prefer, in the event of a problem, to go see my mechanic...
  9. Jacking Points when Pinch Welds are used for jack stands.

    I lean outside these points to mount the car and once mounted, I put the jack stands in the intended place. I do it several times a year to change the oil and the wheels (summer/winter) on the 2 Civics in the family; 2016 and 2018
  10. Civic Hatch 2021 dirt from the air conditioner

    If you want to sell your car at every little problem, you would be better off renting short term because you keep seeing small problems that are completely normal.
  11. How to Change Oil on 2016+ Civic 1.5L Turbo

    Dealer may loose some bolts from under panel or forget to tighten them and we loose them in road ; Often read on forums. Dealer may overfill oil . In my opinion this work can be entrusted to beginners at the dealer with unknown results.
  12. Rust on the underbody after six years [photos included]

    Living in Canada, the little I can see when leaning under our 2 Civics, 2016 and 2018 shows the same rust which, in my opinion, can be "normal", and harmless. Subsequently, I put grease with a brush on the big black piece where I could reach it
  13. Plastic Clips

    You are welcome ! It is never too late to learn what is plastic
  14. is my car totaled?

    Totally ? It is only your insurance company who know. This is what happens when people follow each other (us) too closely on the road
  15. Is the 2.0L known to consume oil?

    Our 2016 and 2018 ( with 95K miles ) don't consume oil 1/4 pint (or less ?) at 9K miles Stick show 3/4 full
  16. Adventures in Ruthenium

    Iridium or Ruthenium ? Google ; Both the spark plugs are durable and have anti-corrosive properties, however, ruthenium spark plugs have an upper hand in terms of durability as the period of replacement of the spark plugs is 1,00,000 km when compared to the Iridium spark plugs that wear out at...
  17. Adventures in Ruthenium plugs are supposed to,gaps just to make sure.&text=Torque Specs: Aluminum: 10.8-14.5 lb. These plugs are supposed to come out of the box with a 0.030" gap (NGK 95112) or 0.032" gap (NGK 95660), which is within...