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  1. Civic good for fatties?

    I'm 5'5'' and 140 lbs. I feel like a pipsqueak in this thing.
  2. Jerk after sudden braking

    This happens to me too.
  3. Covid-19 effect: speeding

    Someone ran a red light well after it turned red. They almost hit two cars, but luckily the two cars saw them coming and stopped.
  4. Covid-19 effect: speeding

    News stations are catching on. State Police are starting to pull people over in my state.
  5. Yesterday I got a Street Tune and the results are Insane 🔥

    Seeing your car makes me want a Type R. I don't think i've ever seen a red one.
  6. Covid-19 effect: speeding

    Yes I have noticed it as well. I'm even guilty of doing it myself. I usually don't.