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  1. Big price increase next year ?

    Its not about make someone lose just to make them lose. America has a trade deficit of 1 Trillion dollars per year. That's $ 3000 for every person in america. Every year. Stretch that out over a 30 year mortgage. My Condo was 100K Its time to stop giving away money, make money. Yeah. I...
  2. Big price increase next year ?

    I've honestly had it with overpriced, overspec'd cars. The civic is a land barge and the Fit is a bit too cheapish and souless. Side effect of these increases in prices i hope happen, but prolly wont. Smaller, cheaper, cars, but with care put into the engineering. Del-sol, CRX Si, 2nd gen...
  3. Is it me, or is my car just slow

    You car, faster go, make ppl mad bro, beep boop. So slow, much turbo lag, ad boost.
  4. K Tuner V1.0 For Sale

    Im sorry to anyone who was interested that PM'd me, its been a hectic month. Our baby, who was due on Aug 20th, decided to come 4 weeks early. That turned into a 2 week hospital stay for momma and the baby. We are all now back home and getting back to normal. Ktuner is back up for sale.
  5. K Tuner V1.0 For Sale

  6. K Tuner V1.0 For Sale

    Sorry about the mix up. Thanks Glitch. As for it being unlocked, i unlocked the ECU when i removed the tune. If there is a way to prove it i will.
  7. K Tuner V1.0 For Sale

    I'm selling my Ktuner V1.0 Cutting back to the stone age for a few years to save money. So this and the Civic along with many things are going. $350 I have a Heatware account. OCdF4i Pm me if you want my ebay account. It has about 300 feedbacks, 100% Account is 15 years old. Paypal only...
  8. 1.5T PRL Motorsports 1.5T Civic Bolt-On Big Turbo Kit Upgrade Results

    It doesnt work that way. We dont know what Honda considers to have (passed the strees test). My guess is, if the 300hp number is legit, then you can beat the hell out of the engine all day at 300 and still have it be fine. And not, run 302 HP and get a snapped rod. Which are most certainly forged.
  9. 1.5T PRL Motorsports 1.5T Civic Bolt-On Big Turbo Kit Upgrade Results

    No one know what they can handle. My prediction, around 550hp/450tq while being mostly reliable.
  10. Comparison of "Base" 1.5T and "Si" 1.5T Connecting Rods

    So the SI rods are 5% stronger? I'm surprised Honda bothered.
  11. I want that "throw me back into the seat" feeling

    Stock the Civic X does a good job. Very unHonda like. But after a +6psi reflash it will get up to speed fast. 30 to 85 happens very quickly.
  12. 1.5T Clutchmasters FX350 Installed

    8 hours isn't too bad but is dropping the subframe required?
  13. Resetting CivicX 1/4 mile record: 12.0

    Clock starts when you leave the line.
  14. How much should I worry about the CVT?

    I do when im on a hill. If im not on a hill, why bother?
  15. How much should I worry about the CVT?

    You could always throw in a new tranny if it goes out at 80k. What are they going to run, $500 for low mileage one on ebay? I saw one for $600 last night. But yeah if you have to categorize things in ways like (if you plan on keeping it past X amount of miles before pawning it of on some sucker...
  16. How much should I worry about the CVT?

    I've been wandering the same thing. That 10 speed auto should be good for 300hp/tq minimum. Less drivetrain lag as well. That is the tranny you were talking about, right? You would have to be pretty dam old to remember those days. My old man is 60 and grew up fooling with 2 speed powerglides...
  17. How much should I worry about the CVT?

    How is yours holding up? Are you still running 25 psi? Mine is doing just fine on muh base tune (although i never drive it, i just turned 8k miles) I've been thinking about turning the boost up a bit when it finally warms up.