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  1. Spoon big turbo upgrade

    It's the same turbo as the mhi upgrade.The spoon one cost 250000yen aprox 2000€ or $2400 .You're cheaper off buying the mhi .
  2. 3M tape peeling off rear fender flare

    If you use 3m VHB automotive tape , and prepare the surface Right ,cleaning , degreasing with rubbing alcohol and applying 3m primer on both surfaces then it won't come off.
  3. Major issues with TSP tune

    When you ordered the TSP tune did you selected the right ecu number?Seems like you got a tune for a different ecu ...
  4. Rear Sway Bar: Eibach/Whiteline 22mm or Progress 20.6mm?

    The swaybar comparison isn't that simple either. You can't just compare swaybar thickness if you're all using different springs . Some lowering springs already have a higher spring rate in the rear to increase turn in. If you would add a type R swaybar to that it could end up in oversteer. On a...
  5. Exhaust flow question

    My guess is they where out of mandrel bends and did a 45degree cut on 2 pieces of pipe and welded them together.They at least should have done 4 22.5 degree cuts . Pie cuts are ok but you have to make enough cuts to give it a smooth transsition.BTW that flows for sh*t right now a crush bend...
  6. Myxal SRI-CAI -Short Ram-Cold Air Intake

    Well i had a inlet pipe (TIP) blanket from aliexpress that i ordered some time ago.(Same one as the PTP Lava blanket) I bought it because it was so cheap and wanted to try this out. I finally installed it and tested it out.This does help to reduce the heat soak of the TIP. I noticed my IAT and...
  7. Myxal SRI-CAI -Short Ram-Cold Air Intake

    Thanks guys ,i knew i've seen you wrap the MAF sensor somewhere Myx but couldn't remember where.Well a few days ago it was very hott around here 32°C (90°F) and i was waiting in a parking lot for my girlfriend with the car running and the AC on. After about 10min i was thinking i need to log...
  8. Myxal SRI-CAI -Short Ram-Cold Air Intake

    Did anyone on here tried to insulate the maf sensor ? From all the logs i'm doing i think the sensor itself gets heatsoaked as wel.
  9. All the aftermarket cooling mods for 1.5T with data.

    I did some temperature measurements in the engine bay at the silicone intake pipe. This was measured when it was 31°C outside .I saw Engine bay temps of 40 -50°C while driving and in standing traffic even up to 67 °C (without the AC fan on).This was with a all stock 1.5T MT civic . Engine bay...
  10. Connecting Rod: Do I need to upgrade?

    You have 300nm at the crank or at the Wheels? That's not too high most are much higher then that . All the generic tunes for the 1.5t engines over here all give 300- 310nm at the crank. If you're going to do the rod upgrade you might as wel put in aftermarket rods. The cost for OEM rods is...
  11. Civic Si Tires

    Has anybody tried the Goodyear Eagle F1 Supersport tires? From various test around here they always give 3 top name brands Michelin ,Goodyear and Continental. Michelin either has the PS4 or PS4S ,Goodyear the Eagle F1 assymetric 5 or Eagle F1 Supersport Continental the premiumcontact 6 or...
  12. Si BMS intake

    Yes i have both the stock SI ,Non SI , and PRL street MAF housing here.And i measured every size in there. Here's a sketch of the oem maf housings. (note there's a angled face that isn't drawn in this sketch.) The PRL Street MAF housing is a exact copy of OEM,they only added the 4" flange.
  13. Si BMS intake

    FYI guys the MAF housings are not cylinder shaped they are cone shaped. The hose side of Both the SI and Non Si MAF stock ( and most street ) housings are the same size ( 61mm).They go smaller towards the filter side .
  14. Hondanickx Civic FC1

    Thanks Will do. Yes i looked into that duct ,but since you have to cut a hole in the bumper i didn't want to do that. That air duct would be much easier and more direct for airflow. But it doesn't guide the air towards the filter or airbox and it still allows air that passes the radiator or ac...
  15. A/C System Fail in European Cars

    No problems so far here in Belgium. If they handle it like they handle the oil dilution in europe then they don't do anything about it.
  16. Hondanickx Civic FC1

    Yes it might be , but that lip could easily be removed without changing the strength of the support beam.Don't know if people want to cut things on their car,but with this extra lip in there,there is almost no airflow going true there.So the coupe/ sedans have a little advantage.
  17. Hondanickx Civic FC1

    Well the first carbon piece has been made.Unfortunatly not perfect but i'll change a few things to get that solved in the future.I also found out the front support beam which blocks most of the air coming in is different between Sedan/coupe and the hatches.The hatch support beam has a extra...
  18. SuperPro Lower Control Arm Kit

    Hardrace also has these bushings and complete arms for sale. Hardrace front lower control arm and Front lower control arm Bushing . The superpro bushings are poly bushings and they only have those available for the 10th gen afaik.
  19. 1.5 non si air intake set up

    Thanks and no i don't have acces to a 3d printer. This was all done by hand ,shaping foam , making test pieces out of metal ,and doing this about 3 times over again untill it was perfect.I made molds for all pieces and will be making them out of carbon fiber . This is 1 design it has a top and...
  20. Hondanickx Civic FC1

    Got the lower piece done .Still have to make a little add on piece for the upper 'hood scoop'. The lower piece also has/needs little tabs so it can sit inside the grill opening.Some broke off because the test piece only had 3 layers of fiberglass.I have a idea to fix this and make it stronger...