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  1. BC Racing Coilovers Si

    Also in that side picture of your car at the gas station with the coilovers on, is that maxed out or was there still some room to go lower?
  2. BC Racing Coilovers Si

    If you don't mind me asking, what custom spring rate did you ask them for? I'm assuming 15-20k due to being that low and to reduce the travel distance of bouncing right?
  3. BC Racing Coilovers Si

    And this is with the stock springs the bc extreme lows came with correct?
  4. BC Racing Coilovers for base model coupe?

    Does BC racing make coilovers for the 2017 honda civic ex-t coupe? Whenever I go onto their website and look up their selection, they only seem to have it in the ex hatchback model. Do the hatchback coilovers work with coupe model? All helpful information and advice would be appreciated. Thank you.
  5. Best coilovers to get lowest on?

    Yah i was worried someone was gonna say that. Haha im trynna stay static as along as possible before I hop on that train
  6. Best coilovers to get lowest on?

    I heard bc extra lows go pretty darn low so I’m putting my money on them hoping they’ll give me what I want. Thank you for the complement, I appreciate it. Do you have an pictures of your car so I can have reference how much lower ur bc extra lows can go compared to mine?
  7. Which coilovers go the lowest?

    I need coilovers that give me even more drop. I'm slammed tein flex z's. The fronts are maxed and had to take out the collar for the rears. I need something that can make the fender sit right on the rim. All help pertaining to the question would be greatly appreciated. I posted this in the...
  8. Best coilovers to get lowest on?

    I’m on tein flex z’s and had to take out the rear collars for the springs. The fronts are maxed as well but the height isn’t doing it for me. I need something that is even lower where the rim sits with the fender. All help pertaining to the question would be very appreciated.
  9. Request: How to remove and replace oem steering wheel for after market quick release steering wheel.

    As the title suggests, I'd like to learn how to remove and install an aftermarket quick release steering wheel. Thank you.
  10. How to measure wheel lip?

    Just got my set of work wheels 3pc rebuilt and was wondering how much lip they had. Would I need to measure from the split to edge of the new outer barrel to give me my new result of lip? Or would I need to measure from face to edge of outter barrel? Thanks!
  11. How to remove brown dirt/ residue off aluminum inner barrel?

    I recently got these work wheels and wanted to fully clean them before putting them on my car. The outer barrel is perfect and clean however after washing my wheels the inner barrel is still dirty with large areas of brown and little spots of brown that seem impossible to remove. I read that...
  12. What kind of lug nuts do work wheels need?

    I just picked up a set of Work VS-KF's and was wondering what kind of lug nuts do the wheels need. I looked on their website and they have a basic set of conical shaped lug nuts which is supposed to fit on ALL of their wheels. I was also wondering if my oem lugs are conical as well so they can...
  13. Installed AVS low profile Rainguards.

    We might have different rainguards cause the only inline insert it had for mine was near the front end of the window. Also my rainguard went over my chrome trim, not under it. I cut off my forward inline insert not wanting to block the windows line of movment in that gap.
  14. TPMS and spare tire

    wait seriously? so if i buy new wheels and tires, it wont set off any dash bulbs??
  15. How to remove small and subtle dent/ depression on car panel?

    i was recently washing my car when i just found that there was this depression on the side of my car panel. I barely just noticed this and cant think of a time when I hit it or had someone hit it hard enough to make a mark like that. Gladly its in a spot that is barely unnoticeable unless in...
  16. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    Thanks! I got it from ikonmotorsports on ebay. Ill probably make a thread of how i installed it step by step if enough people want
  17. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    thanks dude! yah I was eye balling the wing and couldnt tell if it looked good on it or not lmao. And no I didnt wrap them. I originally plasti dipped them black right before I placed the rain guards on them.
  18. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    Just finished installing my wing by myself on my coupe. Really digging the look. Im gonna paint it myself later but for now ill keep it as it is till i get paid. Im also waiting for my friend to make a new custom die cut so i can put on my wing.
  19. Replica Type R Spoiler Installation Template

    quick question but how large and what kind of drill did you use for this install?