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  1. question

    Good point, forgot about that. If I had to make a guess, the difference in cross sectional area probably isn't substantial enough on a stock or W1-esque turbo to make a difference but I could be wrong.
  2. 2.0L Want to put in a Cold Air Intake

    I didn’t think those intakes fit the 2.0 L motor?
  3. question

    Hahahah I know what you mean dawg. My intake and FMIC are back ordered from 27WON also. But they make great stuff so I just gotta white knuckle it through this lockdown lol
  4. question

    Ah that's quite the backorder. Maybe just ask @[email protected] if the DP will mate to other non-OEM front pipes. Although for the record it would bother me having two separate brands pipes and I'd just install them separately when available. The stock FP isn't really a big restriction unless...
  5. question

    Don't have an answer for you but just wondering why you didn't get the 27WON front pipe as well?
  6. Selling 30mm garage line spacers

    Doesn't the Type R have a different bolt pattern? These won't fit an Si
  7. Selling OEM parts

    Damn you're lucky, they look amazing and a great price too
  8. Selling OEM parts

    He says they were wrapped. @Ibefk8 how much did a wheel wrap cost you?
  9. Major issues with TSP tune

    Did you get a Race MAF tune for a non Race MAF or vice versa? What is the CEL code? Are you monitoring fuel trims or AFR etc. on the KTuner? What are they? What software are you running? Are you letting go of the CANCEL button after the 5 sec long press? You don't hold it continuously.
  10. Eibach Pro-Kit Hatchback Sport

    Has anyone had to replace their shocks yet after running the Pro Kit for a while? I'm heavily leaning spring vs. a full coilover setup but if I have to replace shocks anyway then coilovers become easier to swallow.
  11. PRL vs 27Won—CAI

    Higher IATs probably, not much else
  12. Air Filter

    It's not the same for ALL 10th gens, but the same for all 1.5T motors. The 2.0 NA is a different filter.
  13. Is there a way to change the gas Gauge Color on the 2020 Civic Sport from red to blue?

    Yep ours is red-themed, and can't be changed AFAIK.
  14. Hot gas pedal

    That's really strange bro. My gut reaction is that it's nothing to do with the car. Try switching shoes after work?
  15. PRL vs 27Won—CAI

    As much as I love 27WON stuff, frankly I would have gotten the PRL for louder induction noises. Living in Canada though, I wanted no risk of hydrolock and did not want to mess with relocating the windshield washer fluid reservoir. Haven't got my 27WON yet but I know I'll be pleased.
  16. Broke studs while removing factory downpipe. Advice appreciated

    Lol you can definitely get new studs but if you want to just put a whole new turbo in I'm behind you 100%!!
  17. Broke studs while removing factory downpipe. Advice appreciated

    Damn that sucks. Did you soak the studs in penetrating fluid before trying to remove them? That part terrified me during my DP install. Dont want to have to do it again lol.
  18. Official W2 Turbocharger Design Thread (yes it happening) - 27WON W2 Turbo Kit

    Not a current W1 owner but I had the same idea. Current owners get a discount off the W2, and 27WON can resell the W1 as a refurbished unit for less than a new W1 for more budget oriented people. Seems win win. Edit: obviously the numbers are pretty important here though. E.g. if Vincent...
  19. CVT Destroyed at 45k, looking to MT swap

    This is where I'm stuck lol. I'd love to see K-swapped or LS-swapped hatchbacks all day. But even if this goes flawlessly, the best case scenario is you have one of a million 6MT hatchbacks on the road already.
  20. How do I switch maps on TSP stage 1?

    Maybe ask @KTuner to confirm? I saw several 5AA-Lxxx ECUs listed in the documentation but not yours specifically. Maybe try to re flash as @gtman said? Final question, you are letting go of the cancel button after the 3-5 sec press? I don't know that it shows anything if you continually hold it.