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  1. Please list your mods and the order you did them

    Tint Injen IC InjenCAI INJEN IC Piping Magnaflow Catback Eibach Pro kit with sway bar combo Whiteline front/rear endlinks and tie arm Hondata Tune P2R catless DownPipe Afe Front Pipe Turbo blanket Password jam carbon fiber full kit Cusco full set before they came out with cages Zoom mirror Mugen...
  2. Fastest you have ever driven?

    167 in my Fk8 stock
  3. Found.

    I have a brand new one
  4. FS: Set of Stock Rims with Ps4S Tires

    According to a few clicks on google average shipping is 25-40 a wheel if you can do $920 I’ll pay the other 80 of the shipping so it’s split in half
  5. FS: Set of Stock Rims with Ps4S Tires

    im totally in the same boat as you that’s why I said I was not asking anywhere near that much honestly the Tires are worth more than the rims in this situation I’d do 1k for the set and buyer pays shipping
  6. Ready to buy Eventuri intake

    P you are wantin a used one? I have one
  7. FS: Set of Stock Rims with Ps4S Tires

    They still need to be sold the tires have less than 300 miles on them Wich they mrsp for $330 is brand new I don’t know how to factor in the price change since they aren’t brand new and then the rims only have 3k miles on them altogether here’s a photo of the oem set being sold with stock tires...
  8. FS: Set of Stock Rims with Ps4S Tires

    Sorry guys was caught up in my child’s and my sisters birthday week been a little bit hectic.
  9. FS: Set of Stock Rims with Ps4S Tires

    I have all 4 stock rims with PilotSport4S tires with less than 1k miles on them I switched to 18’s and no longer need
  10. After market spark plugs?

    Seems to be a current problem going on any others? Also do you think these upgrades would create a better seal to get liquid out
  11. Wts Ktuned never used Front/Down Pipe

    Brand new set paid 700 went with p2r instead pm me an offer
  12. Rolloface Brake Rotors I bought theses but I like these they look clean af
  13. Center caps 75mm

    i was told no
  14. K tuned downpipe question

    hey buddy i have a k tuned down/mid brandnew in box i paid 700 plus for it make an offer if reasonable its yours
  15. My Si was stolen. How???

    You think the extra 1k I spent at Honda for theft perfection will prevent? If it disables engine like it says that don’t matter if they just tow it? Man scary to think my 18 CTR could be gone with no noise
  16. Post your aftermarket wheel/tire set up

    CE28SL on some Michelin Pilot Sport 4S
  17. Center caps 75mm

    Where can I find some center caps to go good with my new ce28SL rays rims I found online itnsaid they were 75mm wide but I have no luck finding any good ones