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  1. Hondata Flashpro 2016+ Civic 1.5T $500 Shipped

    I sold my 2016 Civic and no longer need this. The Flash Pro sells for $695 new. Perfect condition, flashed 3 times and stored it since. The FlashPro allows full user tuning and datalogging for your 2016+ US Civic 1.5 Turbo. It includes Windows based software called FlashProManager. The...
  2. Cusco Frame Brace Bar

    Been trying to get rid of a full set for months now. This included
  3. 2016 1.5T Hondata FP Experience

    Have you experienced major drops in fuel economy like others have complained about? I just picked up my FP from the post office today and plan to datalog a commute at baseline, +3, and +6 per Hondata recommendation.
  4. My FlashPro experiences and datalogs (boost level and IAT temps with oem IC)

    Haha, that is the first thing I tried, It is way to tight of a fit unfortunately. I have a small mirror on a stick that I may be able to use. But I haven't had the time to try.
  5. My FlashPro experiences and datalogs (boost level and IAT temps with oem IC)

    It's on the other side, in between the ECU and the Airbox, at the bottom. It is nearly impossible for me to see with the Mishimoto intake in there. I just pulled the trigger and hoped for the best.
  6. Seibon Carbon widebody kit

    Man our car looks good!!! I've had my car in the collision center for over two weeks now after getting rear ended and I have been missing it like crazy! The only positive was the Equinux that they gave me for a rental still had remote start and heated seats.... On topic, I personally like this...
  7. Seibon Carbon widebody kit

    I believe I answered my own question with your pictures from your classified here: That being the case, do you know if the kit they are coming out with has that rear diffuser? Who made...
  8. Seibon Carbon widebody kit

    Video appears to still be down, is this the same kit from ? Specifically the white Seibon Carbon 2016 Civic Sedan EX-L. If so I am wondering if it comes with that...
  9. Turbo Upgrade

    You paid 30k for an EX-T? I'm sorry but you were ripped off, even with the Touring/Honda Sensing Package.
  10. Turbo Upgrade

    But they're not new..... They've been making exhaust systems for high-end autos for years in both Taiwan and the USA..Similar to Cusco China/Cusco USA.
  11. Turbo Upgrade

    You're quoting the wrong company and/or website. This is their website:
  12. Fender Bender - Front bumper to intercooler needing to be replaced?

    You could probably tell from the picture that included their fog light enclosure. You can tell that it is not Honda Sensing from the picture. ;) Anyways...sorry to hear about the accident. I was rear-ended by a girl in a Jeep Renegade at 25+ mph and my heart slowly shattered.....Haven't even...
  13. Rear Sway Bar for 2016 Honda Civic EX-T

    It looks like Cusco china has come out with a sway bar for the FC. I just came across this post on Instagram from jc_garage (EBay name) on Instagram. Edit: I am sure the extra 2mm would be more beneficial and I'd advocate a quality product made in the U.S.A. before a quality product made in China.
  14. Turbo Upgrade

    I came across this post while scrolling through Instagram. Any thoughts?
  15. Blow off valve

    I hope it works out! It is saved on my Ebay Wish List. I think that I am going to wait for a cat-less downpipe to come out first. I hope that happens soon!
  16. Blow off valve

    I would be careful with returning Ebay products to China, or at least having that expectation. I purchased the Cusco frame braces on Ebay, and while they were from an Australlian reseller, they shipped from China. When trying to return them, the seller would only allow for their return to the...
  17. Blow off valve

    I thought this was helpful. It sounds like it is best to stick with the diverter/recirculating valve. Could the fuel calculation problem with a Blow-off valve be corrected with a reflashed ECU?
  18. KTuner looking for 16 Civic's to test tunes!

    I'm waiting for someone to get service from their Honda Dealer to see if they have any Warranty issues.
  19. Turbos

    Well technically Mitsubishi made it...
  20. Cusco Frame Braces

    Updated price. $975 for the whole set.