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  1. Can anyone identify the retailer for this air duct?

    YS Racing on facebook. 200USD shipped to canada, not sure on states
  2. Resonator delete w/ stock mufflers on 2.0L?

    Looking for a 20-30% sound increase nothing crazy, I currently have a catted rv6 downpipe which has made it 10-15% louder. Has anyone done a resonator delete on the 2.0L model? Does it sound raspy/ricey? Would I notice a deep sound difference if I put an aftermarket resonator like a vibrant...
  3. K20c2 throttle body spacer

    If you manage to get it working, let me know if you notice any difference at all. Ive been eyeing the p2r one but have heard they are useless
  4. 2.0L Tell us your exhaust setup 2.0

    thanks, ive been thinking of the same route w the flowmaster or just stock muffler w res delete.
  5. 2.0L Tell us your exhaust setup 2.0

    any chance you have clips of a drive by or sound from the inside while driving?
  6. Tein Flex Z Coilovers

    Running 18x9 +30 offset with stock goodyears and have had no rubbing (the tires are stretched a tiny bit). No fender rolling needed either. The wheels on stock suspension poke out quite a bit but w the coils tucked perfectly with camber (cambers not very noticeable). Lowered it only about 2...
  7. Ktuner 2.0l on 87 octane

    What if it were mid grade fuel like 89 / 91 instead of 93? Would the car be noticeable like going from drive to sport? Just a curious question
  8. Ktuner 2.0l on 87 octane

    Anyone have the 2.0l run the ktuner W 87? Wondering if it’s still a significant difference with the factory map that ktuner has compatible with 87 .
  9. Did i make a mistake on the NA 2.0L Sport model?

    Would it be a night and day difference for the 2.0 ktuned with 87 vs 93? or even ktuned on 89?
  10. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    is it all plug and play? and was your stock horn a single horn?
  11. Blinking turn signals?

    My front turn signals are LEDs with the wires spliced for the load resistors. If I were to splice the turn signal wire again for the side markers should i unclamp the load resistor and splice into that? or start a brand new splice? or is there a better way of doing this?
  12. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    The civics are prewired for the fog lights. There's a plug under the dash as well as a plug behind the washer reservoir. Hardest part is literally taking off the bumper for the first time (which should take you like 8 minutes the second time). I have the eBay one which works with a button, the...
  13. LF wheels shipped to vancouver,bc

    let me know what you've got . paypal shipping or pick up in the vancouver area 18x8.5 or 18x9 similar to these styles in particular: fast fc04 optionlab r716 verde axis
  14. Scuff on bumper...suggestions for DIY repair??

    Heres what I did for my scratch which was worst than yours. I went to the auto store and purchased the following: -3M assorted sandpaper (220, 440 , 800, 1000) -3M bumper repair kit -Duplicolor Perfect match (color of your car) -Duplicolor Perfect match clear coat -Duplicolor sandable primer...
  15. Cheapest/best site for wheel/tires?

    Looking around to get new wheel/tire setup, currently eyeing 1010tires and partsengine. Anyone know any places in vancouver, bc that can hook up a good deal? a lot of replicas on craigslist.
  16. TYPE R LEDs load resistors

    Finally got the time to install the turn signal leds from TypeRLEDs. Total came out to about 144$ canadian incl. shipping for 2 sets. They work without hyperflashing for about 3 seconds and then hyperflash flash inconsistently (sometimes they will blink normally for 3 seconds, and then other...
  17. 6 pin connector next to fusebox

    Just wondering how much power can this connector handle ? if thats how you say it. I currently have my fog light switch (aftermarket ebay) and my footwell lights drawing power from here. I just recently got my illuminated door sills that also wire up to this 6 pin and wondering if I can tap into...
  18. 2.0 sport sedan exhaust on normal sedan

    theres this exhaust pipe that I believe will work for the non turbos if you were interested:
  19. Door handle in the coupe

    might check out the scrap yard and try and find a coupe with that part :hmm: can't seem to find anything on it
  20. Door handle in the coupe

    Anyone know if it's possible to buy the arm handle thingy thats in the coupe and hot glue it into the sedan models? Or would it not stay on? Pic for reference circled in blue.