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  1. On Gear Lockouts and how This Dealer is Handling it

    I believe that car was in the shop the same time I had mines being torn apart for assessment. From what I was told the new trans started grinding again after 5k miles per that owner. They were already giving him grief while the car was still under warranty as well when the first trans had issues...
  2. Official Rolling Shot Thread

    @bouford lol thread revival.
  3. On Gear Lockouts and how This Dealer is Handling it

    My trans went at 11k and had 1-2 gear lock outs and a 1st and 2nd gear pop out that got worse over time even with flushing the fluid out and replacing back and forth with amsoil and oem. Long story short 3 months of the car hung up on a lift at the shop later after going back and forth with...
  4. bouford's MY18 FK8 - STU Build

    DSP time :headbang:
  5. The Infamous 2nd Gear Crunch

    I’d be happy to even just get a 2nd gear grind. I autoXd mines last Sunday did 5 runs until I felt the shifter pop out of 1st in my hand coming out of a turn on its own and now 2nd gear grinds and pops out 1st gear is non existent and felt blocked off when pulling back into grid. I shortly lost...
  6. What did you do to your Type R today?

    I believe just the bigger bushing mounted on the subframe side is the Kevlar infused one the smaller one on the transmission side not to sure if it’s the same durometer tho.
  7. What did you do to your Type R today?

    Went to do an oil change and while under there I discovered my Hasport rear motor mount front bushing is shot.. I thought this only happened with the Cusco RMMs. I have a full 82a kit installed. This RMM is getting replaced under warranty thanks to @bouford
  8. What did you do to your Type R today?

    Installed the gas door capless cover on my 17’ CTR. Honda oem part number: 17666-TGG-A01
  9. Official FK8 Civic Type R Carbon Fiber Rock Flaps (by Oldskoolfab Inc)

    Thanks!!! Not gonna lie I’m still running them broken at the bottom and all since they still do a great job at keeping the rocks from kicking up to my doors. They still look great!! I get a lot of compliments about them as well at the track. You’ve made an awesome product that’s track proven...
  10. Official FK8 Civic Type R Carbon Fiber Rock Flaps (by Oldskoolfab Inc)

    I wonder if @oldskoolfabguy can sell me another front pair. Lol my front ones didn’t survive my little run in with a couple cones a few events back that went underneath. Cracked cleanly right beneath the side skirts tho. :D
  11. Harness Bar Options

    I have a universal harness bar that I modified to fit my R. I run ASM Takata harnesses tied to them for AutoX purposes only since its allowed by my tech inspector. It WILL NOT pass tech inspection for bigger track use as well as for drag racing. I leave my oem 3 point seatbelts installed for...
  12. Saying "It is just a 35k Civic at the end of the day" . . . Makes me so mad

    This reminded me of that “ok mechanic” commercial from AT&T. “If the brakes don’t stop it something will” lol
  13. Best $75 and under mod?

    Honda hack..
  14. Break-in done!

    Mines saw full boost at 21 miles. ;) 10k miles, 12+ autoX events, and 130+ drag passes on it later it still pulls just as hard as it did the day I bought it with no smoke out the back, no oil burning issues, funny noises or mechanical issues. I honestly believe the “600 mile break in” is to...
  15. Let my wife drive...

    Wait till your wife gets bitten by the track bug. I let mines do 1/4 mile passes in my R. She loves it. :drive:
  16. Gravel in brakes

    I too run a set of these OSF carbon rock guards. These have definitely helped with the road debris kicked up from running 275s all around from normal driving and the annoying track grit that gets lodged into the brake shields while tracking the car. @bouford and I got a hold of the first sets of...
  17. Gravel in brakes

    $88 is an expensive lesson. I’m surprised they didn’t do it for free since it only takes a few taps to the shield with a screwdriver to get them out most of the time.