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  1. 27WON W1 base maps for Hatchback Sport?

    Said it once and say it again Ktuner FTW!!
  2. 27WON W1 base maps for Hatchback Sport?

    Nah you should be good as long as you get a tuner that’s reputable. Don’t go with joe blow cause he’s a 100$ cheaper. Contact Derek at Innovative Motor Works. The guys great to deal with, very friendly and knowledgeable. Does great work on these cars.
  3. 27WON W1 base maps for Hatchback Sport?

    I’ve seen one just running pump gas and he made about 275 to 280 whp. Nothing wrong with the turbo. If you have access to Ethnol then you can definitely look forward to make some nice power.
  4. 27WON W1 base maps for Hatchback Sport?

    No no I’m saying good luck as in I hope it works out for you. And if you can get your car to Ktuner so they can develop something then that would be amazing. That what’s I meant. Everyone went to the Si. So there really isn’t anyone gonna work on a base map unless someone give you their car to...
  5. 27WON W1 base maps for Hatchback Sport?

    Nothing. There isn’t much you can do. Si came out and the the base model that out numbers Si by at least 2 to 1 gets the shaft. Not sure why. And coming from 27 won starting off with a sport hatch I’m surprised. Good luck man.
  6. Base model 1.5T Knock control

    Hey another quick update. Still going strong. Haven’t had much jumps. Still haven’t seen it over .80. Again not a fix but it definitely helped.
  7. Base model 1.5T Knock control

    So I think I jumped the gun a little. I find that my knock has been better after cleaning it. I haven’t seen it get that high in a long time. Actually since cleaning it I don’t think I’ve seen Over .80 and thats with every tune I’ve thrown at it. Did it fix it? No I don’t think so. Did it help...
  8. Base model 1.5T Knock control

    God this is annoying. Lol
  9. Base model 1.5T Knock control

    So update. I use MAF cleaner and NO it didn’t work for me. I can still get it to climb and climb just as fast as before if not faster now. I still have a feeling that it has something to do with the MAF. I’m gonna see if I can get my hands on another MAF and compare. Let you guys know.
  10. Prl cobra race

    There is no need to run a race MAF on a SI. Different types of MAF. Also I didn’t hear anything of a sort. Not saying it isn’t possible. Also the base engine doesn’t get much love cause the turner guys jumped on the SI when it came out. Red headed step child.
  11. Prl cobra race

    Nope and they will tell you that’s custom tunning territory.
  12. Base model 1.5T Knock control

    Be really careful with it and don’t half ass it. Read the intstruction on the cleaner bottle. 2 allankey screws and 1 harness clip.
  13. Base model 1.5T Knock control

    Hey guys I just wanted to shed some light on this subject and I can’t say how appropriated I am by everyone’s input on this. I spread the word on FB as well. A Gentleman on FB said he was having the same issue. One of the major differences between the Si and the Base 1.5T is the MAF. The design...
  14. Base model 1.5T Knock control

    Not sure if this is a fuel thing though. I understand how the knock works but I’m running 94 on E98 and she’ll climb. Unfortunately. But I mean have a look out and see. Always worth a shot.
  15. Base model 1.5T Knock control

    Damn she didn’t even move. So jelly. I’m going out in a bit and I’ll do a datalog and video.
  16. Base model 1.5T Knock control

    Yeah seeing your post. That’s why I figured we can get all the base engine guys in here and put our minds together and maybe figure this out or find a solution.
  17. Base model 1.5T Knock control

    I just looked up Kansa City elevations and you’re at 277 meters above sea level. I’m 106 meters above sea level so that may be a factor.
  18. Base model 1.5T Knock control

    Ok perfect.. Thank you. Im on E right now as well. Although we just had our temperature drop, we should be getting some warmer weather in the next couple days. see what your out come is and what mine is. Sorry did you mention your elevations????
  19. Base model 1.5T Knock control

    Do a test for me. When you hit 3rd come off the throttle and then back on it but only enough to build boost. Once you've done stay steady on the boost without doing WOT. Like I said I get the most climb in 4th, 5th, and 6th. See if you can get it to climb a bit. When you get some time.. Yes my...
  20. Base model 1.5T Knock control

    I agree. The microphone is picking something up from somewhere... I was using Esso 93 and then I switched to Petro-Canada 94. I did this for elimination processes.