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  1. WTB: JDM OEM clear side markers

    Looking to purchase some JDM OEM clear side markers. Must sites are out of stock. Ebay is empty ... or charging like > $50 for shipping.
  2. 2017 Honda Civic Type R Lug Nut Torque Spec?

    is it 94 with the OEM lug nuts ... or 94 in general (with any aftermarket lug nut)? I only ask b/c my after lug nuts stated 85 MAX torque.
  3. Does your engine "smell" ?

    Sounds strange ... but I recently had my valve cover gasket changed at local Honda dealership ... and it now seems that the engine has a strange "smell". Like a "rubber burning smell". I don't remember any sort of smell prior to my service. Car seems fine otherwise. Same performance...
  4. Sequence Manufacturing Titanium Exhaust

    Please report back on your thoughts of the Boost Logic exhaust.
  5. Help with PRL Stage 1 intake (rubbing hose)

    I also feel that PRL can shorten the silicon port for the EVAP purge by a 1/4-1/2 inch and It'll immensely help with clearance issues.
  6. Help with PRL Stage 1 intake (rubbing hose)

    Well thank you sir. I loosed everything and did your sequence and the fit is much better. I still can't get the EVAP purge exactly 12/6 o'clock position. I'm at 12.5 / 6.5 o'clock and about 2mm away from the metal line. I put paste on the rubber hoses and no residual on hood. So I feel...
  7. Help with PRL Stage 1 intake (rubbing hose)

    Ah. Gotcha! Thanks. Will try to reassembly in that order tonight.
  8. Help with PRL Stage 1 intake (rubbing hose)

    What does this mean? haha I was playing around for an hour last night and can't get the two lines going into the EVAP purge plastic piece to both clear the hood at the same time. It's either one clears and the other doesn't; and vice verse. Nor can I get the EVAP purge plastic piece to...
  9. Help with PRL Stage 1 intake (rubbing hose)

    I took a side view. I labeled the hose with an "arrow". The hose definitely is not oriented correctly. I guess Honda messed with the PRL intake tube.
  10. Help with PRL Stage 1 intake (rubbing hose)

    Hey guys So I installed the PRL stage 1 intake a few weeks ago and everything seemed fine. No issues. I recently brought my car into Honda for the valve cover gasket replacement (I had a leaking valve cover gasket). Immediately on my ride home from the dealership I noticed a weird smell...
  11. Valve cover gasket leaking on '17 Type R

    Just got back from dealer for valve gasket replacement. Now car has a "burning rubber smell". haha. And of course car never had any "engine smell" before. Gonna investigate later tonight once engine cools off.
  12. Valve cover gasket leaking on '17 Type R

    Leaked noticed at 8000 miles. Did first oil change at roughly 6500 miles when MM went off. Used HONDA full synthetic oil. Faulty gasket has nothing to do with oil type.
  13. Valve cover gasket leaking on '17 Type R

    I may just print out the page regarding the valve cover in the service manual for the tech guy. haha
  14. Valve cover gasket leaking on '17 Type R

    I got back from the Honda dealership this weekend and they need to replace the valve gasket. I mentioned there seems to be numerous reports of this issue on the internet and the service guy stated "first I've heard of it". Well - an hour later the tech diagnosis leaking valve gasket and...
  15. ICB Motorsport's/J's Racing CF/FRP Hood

    Hood looks amazing! How do they hold up in tropical climates (i.e. Florida) with the rain? Say you forget to put on the rain guard ? I know past EVOs had vented hoods from the factory ... just curious about the FK8 with a vented hood.
  16. Fatherpain’s 2018 Type R

    I too have the valve cover gasket leak issue Lots of reporting on this issue. Mine is leaking firewall-driver side. Noticed some pooling of oil there. I'm taking mine into Honda next week.
  17. FK8 Tuned reliability as a daily

    I'm in the same boat as you. I have a '19 with 8000 miles. Only performance mod so far is PRL stage 1. I'm sooo tempted to tune the car. Such an easy upgrade. Cost of Hondata vs. smiles when driving. However - engine warranty will be completely voided. The basic warranty is 5...
  18. 2018-2019 Fuel Pump Motor Recall

    My 2019 has no recalls listed. I'll check next week again.
  19. Rarity!!

    More CTR being produced and sold = more editions (generations) coming to America!