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  1. CoVID-19 Isolation? Start your Civic

    I have a 2012 honda pilot ex-l and the thing runs like new the only failure I had was the alternator at 100k a few months ago but it was the original one. I've done all the work myself so its cost me very little in parts since it was bought new. Just want to put it out there that I towed a...
  2. CoVID-19 Isolation? Start your Civic

    I drove my car every day during COVID. Got in the car took it on a hour drive and got back home without seeing a single soul. Don't have to worry about getting gas at a station since I'm rural and I got my gas directly in tanks on my property. I also drove my car since I need a new battery and...
  3. Do Harbor Freight ramps work for this car?

    I'm on d2 springs and I made custom ramps to get the jack under my car. I also had my driveways grade changed so I wouldn't scrape on the entry. It was time for a change since it was paved last in the '40s.
  4. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    Im pretty sure there just honda insight parts since they share parts with the civic.
  5. Odd Issues with aftermarket headunit

    I used provided adaptors so everything was plug and play. It came with a canbus so my headunit can talk to the Honda sensing and the center screen on the dash. It will cut sound at any volume even when muted. It's definitely not the buttons. actuator is tripping it because when I roll and the...
  6. Odd Issues with aftermarket headunit

    I've had a Dasaita px5 headunit for a little over a year and everything has worked great but within the last few weeks if I lock or unlock the doors using the power locks the audio cuts out and won't come back till the car is restarted. The same thing happens when you open the door with the...
  7. Exhaust too small?

    The Magna flow is 2.25. The car is a cvt and when it's coming down from 5.5k and passes 4k it starts to crackle and pop like crazy.
  8. Exhaust too small?

    I got a magna flow street series catback with a rv6 catted dp and it runs fine. I had an invidia exhaust with larger piping and it was way too raspy. I have a 2019 coupe with a 2.0na.
  9. 2.0 NA-Non Turbo, CVT Ktuner experiences?

    Honda will never put an auto in the civics because it takes away from there Acura line up. The dct in the Acura is very fun to drive with the paddle shifters. I drove a v6 awd tlx as a rental recently and it almost got me to trade in my Acura mdx for a sedan. Imagine if honda decided the turbo...
  10. Going into reverse while driving, have I caused any damage to the cvt?

    I heard It utilizes the braking system how the collision mitigation braking works but I'm pretty sure if you long hold the e brake it will actually engage while moving.
  11. Look for wheel and tire suggestions for my 19 Coupe

    I have a 19 coupe lx with the stock 16inch wheels. I'm on d2 lowering springs and I'm looking for suggestions for a wheel and tire setup that will be flush but won't rub or require any modifications like rolling the fenders.
  12. 2 10” Kicker Subwoofers installed in stock 2018 EX-T

    I have an aftermarket head unit with rca outs so I can just use the RCA out to the amp without the line out converter?
  13. 2 10” Kicker Subwoofers installed in stock 2018 EX-T

    How much did everything run you? How did you mount the sub to the floor?
  14. RV6 catless PCD downpipe for 2016+ with 2.0 NA

    Not willing to ship
  15. RV6 catless PCD downpipe for 2016+ with 2.0 NA

    Still for sale.
  16. Looking for a suggestions on a sub for my civic coupe

    I have a 2019 civic coupe lx. I installed an aftermarket radio by Dasaita along with four JBL speakers. I've had this setup installed in the car since the summer and now I'm ready to install a subwoofer. What are my options for subwoofers? Are there any subs that can fit in the corners of the...
  17. Headroom with/without sunroof?

    I'm 5"6" and I have a civic without a sunroof. I got my seat all the way to the ground and I have tons of headroom. I had a friend sit in the back of the car whose 6'2' and since its a coupe his head didn't clear the roof when he sat all the way back.
  18. Change my own oil or go into dealership?

    I change my own oil but anything that is beyond my capability I take to my local trusted shop. Their prices are reasonable and it's family-owned. My car will never step foot in the deal unless it's for an airbag recall.
  19. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    Did you install seat covers on your rear seats? I have a coupe and I'm thinking about doing the fronts which I've seen a ton of people do but have not seen much of people using seat covers in the rear.