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  1. Those stupid "Turbo" Stickers

    I've got some more red if anyone is looking to change it up...... $7 ea. ship incl.
  2. Well, I'm knocking.

    thanks for the update. Sorry to hear of the troubles though. Hope it all works out for you in the end!
  3. Well, I'm knocking.

    OP Whaaaa happen? I too and am in the great white. Wondering if Honda took care of you or not?
  4. Those stupid "Turbo" Stickers

    I don’t normally but that one is also a plate protector.
  5. Those stupid "Turbo" Stickers

    I took mine off, replaced it with Red instead. Same font and size.
  6. Ontario check-in!

    New guy checking in from Northern Ontario. Have a 17 Civic HB Sport in white. Came here for some general knowledge of the vehicle and it’s tech. Found out how to use cruise control without Lane Departure which is nice. First Honda car to our stable. I’ve had a Honda CBR in the past. We’ve...