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    This whole thread is giving me 9gen civic forum flashbacks. Y’all would think anything that isn’t a 10gen civic is ugly haha.
  2. 2009 2.0 si 197 hp why not the 2019

    Honda went from a base 1.8 litre engine (r18) making 138hp/128t to a 2.0 litre engine (k20) making158hp/138t. Like that’s a major upgrade on a base engine and to have better fuel economy as well. Seems like a step forward to me.
  3. 19 CTR from the US to Germany

    Honestly I love the look of these guards over Rallyarmor flaps. Personally only like big flappy meat hangers on Subaru’s.
  4. 19х8.5 or 9.5 for hatch sport?

    9.5 et35 will sit with a very slight poke. You can take a look at what my old car looked like on 18x9.5 et38 with 235/40r18 tires.
  5. Racking my brain over what wheels to get...TS5s, NSX, Saga Time Attack, Desmond Regamaster, etc.

    If money wasn’t an issue I say go for the RegaMasters. Very rare and look amazing on the 10gens, also my personal favourite wheel of all time. Its hard to stick out in group of civics so why not be different and get the super rare and expensive wheels so at least your car is more unique than the...

    Buying Hondata and thinking it’s better - $500 Buying ktuner and thinking it’s better - $500 Asking which is better without searching the forum about it for 900th time - pricelessss
  7. Difference between FP's on Hondata site ??

    I don’t know why they did that but it makes it confusing for people. When I sold my FP I had people back out because they though I was lying about them being the exact same part. Also I had someone contact Hondata and they told him that they were different which is completely false and I had to...
  8. How to put Hondata Mobile on your Type R radio/navi

    Yes it turned out I needed to buy the USB cord that Hondata recommends for it. The ones I were using had issues I guess. So that was my solution, dumb I know.
  9. Post your aftermarket wheel/tire set up

    I bought them from they are in Maple Ridge, BC. I highly recommend them.
  10. Rank your current Civic!

    1st - 1994 Honda Accord lx 5speed (2ndCar) Was my second car and after coming from an eagle talon that would die on me for weeks at a time this was a welcome change. Bought it from my neighbour for $1000 and it had over 300,000kms on it. Delivered pizza with it and absolutely beat the piss out...
  11. HONDATA +6 PSI for how long?

    I ran the +9 for about a year and half and was totally fine put just over 30,000kms on it. Minor clutch slippage occasionally but nothing that I worried about. If completely stock and just running the flash there is no reason to get a new clutch. Just don’t expect it to last 100,000kms.
  12. Choosing new rims for my 2018 FK7 1.5T Sport Hatch?.......

    I went for 18x9.5 et30. And used the oem tires for a minor stretch (235/40r18). Lowered it on eibach sport-lines and had zero rubbing issues. The rotas were $1200 Canadian shipped to my door compared to over $4000 for spoons.
  13. FS: Hondata flashpro race 1.5t (Canada)

    Lowered price $720 shipped
  14. FS: Hondata flashpro race 1.5t (Canada)

    New price $720 shipped to your door.
  15. Choosing new rims for my 2018 FK7 1.5T Sport Hatch?.......

    5 spokes is what I like as well so why not go for some spoon sw388. I’m not made of money though so I went for Rota slipstreams which are replica of the spoons and about 1/3 the price.
  16. FS: Hondata flashpro race 1.5t (Canada)

    Yes Canadian dollar is $0.75 for every American $1.
  17. Is the flashpro different for base turbo and Si?

    Yup that’s what I thought. It is annoying to sell it because the person who wants to buy it contacted Hondata and they told him that they have 1 for base turbo and 1 for Si. So it just adds a layer of confusion to people trying to buy one second hand.
  18. Is the flashpro different for base turbo and Si?

    I’m selling my flash pro and the guy buying it from me has informed me that Hondata support has informed him that their are 2 different flashpros for base turbos and Si turbo. My understanding is that they are the same unit and the flashpro is interchangeable between all 1.5t models si included...
  19. Is the SI the right platform?

    Cheers, thanks for math lesson. I didn’t realize it came with 2 seats in the back which is actually super shitty!