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  1. 2017 A/C Issue

    of course you can take your car home. Pay the diagnostic fee and be on your way. You will just have to bring it back. Where do you get it serviced?
  2. 2017 A/C Issue

    I would take it to the dealership first. How else will you know what’s wrong with it? Be prepared to pay for a diagnostic fee. Sometimes the dealer will contact Honda for you, but more than likely the service advisor will tell you what’s wrong and how much to fix it. That’s when you say you want...
  3. 2017 A/C Issue

    Cars at the dealership getting the new compresso.r. I’m paying a $200.00 deductible. I’ll take that over $2200.00 any day! Thank you Honda ! Of course now I’m worried about the longevity of the A/C system in general.
  4. 2017 A/C Issue

    Good news. While waiting on hold for about 25 minutes last night, somebody from Honda CC finally answered the phone. They told me a good will allowance was appropriate and that a regional rep will contact me in the next day or 2. They also asked for the dealer name and service advisor. She...
  5. 2017 A/C Issue

    There phone lines (or whatever) are still frogged up. No luck getting through.
  6. 2017 A/C Issue

    I‘m definitely going to wait until I talk to Honda corporate before I do anything. Quick update. Picked up my hatch today because I got tired of trying to get ahold of Honda Customer Care(3 days of trying). Good news is the dealer waived my diagnostic fee ($150.00) because they feel Honda will...
  7. 2017 A/C Issue

    I think that’s a good idea. Especially since I bought it at Chantilly Honda, but I get all my Honda’s services at Rosenthal Honda.
  8. 2017 A/C Issue

    I would love to argue it with Honda Corporate, but their phone lines are still down because of the cyber attack. 3 days now I can’t get ahold of Honda.
  9. 2017 A/C Issue

    Thanks but VIN doesn’t fall under that recall. Also, it’s my compressor that’s bad, not my condenser.
  10. 2017 A/C Issue

    Ours was not putting out cold air. Kinda warm/barely cool air. The Honda dealer told me it’s the compressor leaking. Since Honda global was hacked I haven’t been able to talk to Honda Customer Care. I want Honda to stand behind their product since I only have 23207 miles. sounds like your may...
  11. 2017 A/C Issue

    Good idea except that I have a very high deductible. With 2 college kids and 4 cars (3 of them friggin Hondas) we really had no choice but to have a high deductible with USAA.
  12. 2017 A/C Issue

    Oh, I just saw that Honda has had a giant cyber attack. No wonder the CustCare line is down.
  13. 2017 A/C Issue

    Heres my situation. My 2017 EX Hatch started blowing barely cool air. Took it in to my local dealer for diagnostic. Dealer told me I need a new compressor. BTW my VIN doesn’t show up for the crappy condenser. Quoted $2200.00 for the fix. I am 3 weeks past my 36 month warranty but I only have...
  14. Brake Fluid code 7 after only 33k highway miles?

    My 2017 Hatch with 17,800 miles has the A 7 in the the maintenance minder. I do bleed my own brakes, and have always done it at the 3 year mark. I’m pretty good about not going past 3 years.
  15. Remote starter not working during the morning on cold days 16' Civic

    Well, I have only had the one incident. It has been fine since.
  16. Remote starter not working during the morning on cold days 16' Civic

    Having the same issue. Here in Virginia is about 18 F outside. Tried every possible button combination. Keep in mind we have used the remote start dozens of times with no problem. Anyone figure this out?
  17. What brand engine oil do you use?

    Wow, another oil thread. Isn't there like a bunch of them on this forum (and every other forum for that matter) already?
  18. Did not Honda have this idea when it manufactured the Civic?

    Thank you for the part #’s. Just got mine in. Pretty fast shipping, I was impressed. I do have a question. I see where the push fasteners are used towards the back end, but what about the front half of both pieces? Do they just lay in place with no hold down fastener?
  19. Request : Installing Lane Watch on Type R

    Why do you need lane watch with a TR? The only lane you be in is the passing lane with everyone eating your dust!