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  1. Summer tires year round in Orange County?

    First time hearing about this tire. I’ll have to check out some reviews. 400 tw rating not too bad though.
  2. Summer tires year round in Orange County?

    When it comes time to replace my stock Goodyear tires on the Si wheels I’m thinking about going with Firehawk Indy 500. With 340 treadwear rating I think they should offer a good mix of grip and durability for daily driving year round.
  3. Summer tires year round in Orange County?

    This was on the 615K+ This tread pattern has no continuous groove from side to side which I can only guess is there to help expel water out quickly
  4. Whiteline KCA467 Anti-Lift Kit (ALK) Review

    Caster isn’t adjustable on these cars but I wouldn’t worry about it too much as long as nothing is bent in the suspension. Most left hand drive cars have more caster on the driver side so the car naturally pulls to the right. Other than that your alignment looks pretty identical to what I have...
  5. Civic Si in GS

    @SCVanguard you can change the toe by adjusting the cam bolt on the inner side of the rear control arm. Without toe plates you are pretty blind to what you are doing though. I got the Tenhulzen ones and am fairly happy with them. If you got the skills or time you can make some easily.
  6. Civic Si in GS

    @burglar this has been my experience also so might not be complete speculation. Maybe others will try and report back. I like the idea of a staggered set up but not so much so since I need to be able to rotate my tires to get their full use before buying new ones. After trying toe out baed on...
  7. Summer tires year round in Orange County?

    Personally experienced hydroplaning with 200tw tires in a pretty heavy downpour last year. Couldn’t go faster than 55mph on the highway.
  8. HKS Coilovers Vs Whiteline Spring Kit

    Swift makes good quality springs if not some of the best so you can't go wrong with them. More spring rate is generally going to offer harsher ride unless paired with a quality shock that is adequately valved for the spring rates, which the HKS units probably are. Softer springs are going to...
  9. HKS Coilovers Vs Whiteline Spring Kit

    HKS spring rates are 12k front and 10k rear. WL springs are 4.5k front and 5.1k rear. I know you said it isn't your daily so comfort isnt really a concern, but if this is purely a fun touge car you might want to reconsider those extremely stiff spring rates for anything but a smooth track. For...
  10. The quest for 500miles on single tank of gas

    I found that the Honda computer is usually generous by about 1 mpg extra vs the calculated one in the Fuelly app. Best I got was 332 miles out of 9.9 gallons for a 39 avg mpg. That was cruising at 80-90 mph mostly on the highway. One day I’ll do another road trip in the Si and make it into...
  11. Undercarriage Shield Hanging down

    The way it is drooping isn’t too detrimental since it is facing away from the forward direction of travel. I would use the 27WON install guide that has a nice picture from under the car to double check all the clips and bolts are in place. If it isn’t missing anything you could use some zip ties...
  12. Whiteline 26mm Solid Rear Sway Bar Kit

    For an otherwise stock suspension car I don't think it is too much. For a vehicle that already has lowering springs or coilovers it may be a bit too much depending on the spring rates.
  13. Civic Si in GS

    I have the Azenis 615k+ and actually like the look of the 245 on the 8” wheels. 255 might be too much. The car gets heat soaked and down on power way before the tires get greasy. I can see this being a problem on a track car doing 20 min lapping sessions but not so much for sub 60 second AutoX...
  14. Acuity Throttle Pedal Spacer Position

    Had to double check. I am on position C also. Tried B for a few days but found heel toe down shifts much easier in C.
  15. RSB: Eibach 22 mm vs. OEM 18 mm Si

    Thanks to you also for starting this. I was led deep down the rabbit hole as you can tell.
  16. Mods for neutral handling

    FK8 rear bar is a 20mm solid. On your Civic with the front strut mount locating pins pulled you will max out around -1.0 degree camber front. The only thing you can adjust up front is toe setting through the tie rods. The rear has more adjustment through the eccentric bolt in the rear lower...
  17. Mods for neutral handling

    @BarracksSi hit the nail on the head. Also Si is not going to be enough. Type R bar probably won't even be enough. 22mm rear bar is where I would start.
  18. How to maintain cloth interior?

    I am currrently using Griot Interior Cleaner. Spray it liberally, wait a minute and then use a soft bristle brush to scrub the area. Seems to be working ok enough for my satisfaction. I got a steam cleaner that I want to try out now though.
  19. FS: 2019 CW Civic Type R (SoCal), $34500

    Wish you weren't trying to sell so fast. My lease is up on my Si in November and I really want to move on up to the Type R. Yours is perfectly executed with all the right parts I would be eventually replacing.
  20. SoCal Mountain Drive

    Always down for an early morning cruise whenever there’s the next one. Supposedly next event is in August. I’m going to try and go and hope that it isn’t scorching hot Definitely will let you know