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  1. 27won shift knob update?

    cool. thanks! looking forward to it. JT
  2. 27won shift knob update?

    Hi, is there an update on the 27won leather shift knob? JT
  3. FS: Acuity Gas pedal sapcer

    I'm in the north side, aliante. I just don't need it. It was an impulse buy on my part. It does really work, making heel-toe so easy.
  4. FS: Acuity Gas pedal sapcer

    I have an Acuity gas pedal spacer for sale. Bought new, and installed for just a little over 2 weeks, then taken off. No issues, comes with hardware. $90 shipped / paypal $80 cash pick up in vegas JT
  5. 10th Gen Civic Si Aftermarket Wheel and Tire Options

    Your NT03's are really nice too, especially in the SBC finish!
  6. 10th Gen Civic Si Aftermarket Wheel and Tire Options

    Oh my God!!!! Regamasters! so much bling sir! Love the way that looks! JT
  7. 10th Gen Civic Si Aftermarket Wheel and Tire Options

    265, that's a lot of tire! Glad to know the 255 fits with the oe wheels. Sounds like i'll be fine with my 8.5 +45 hypergrams. Now to find a buyer for my current tires...hehe. Thanks for taking time to reply! JT
  8. 10th Gen Civic Si Aftermarket Wheel and Tire Options

    Looks good!!! I like how it fills up the wheel wells. Do you have a lot of space on the inside? I have 18x8.5 +45 wheels running 245/40. I do want to try 255/40/18, but i'm afraid it might rub on the spring perch or something else. I think the width being .5" less and 10mm more offset will...
  9. SOLD: Brand New “Cobra” PRL Intake Civic Si - Street MAF

    Payment sent! Thanks Rousie13!!! JT
  10. Las Vegas

    I saw my second white si coupe this morning on the way to work. Flew by me on the 15s by Cheyenne (i was driving the wife’s white rav4). YOHB? JT
  11. Las Vegas Si Meetup

    I'm down, as long as my car gets finished with the PPF install. JT
  12. Any other Civic Coupes in Sin CIty?

    si coupe owner here in the north side of town:) JT
  13. Not a metal shift knob.

    [email protected]: How far out is this from production? The simpler the better I think. blends in with the stock si interior:) JT
  14. Katana LED H11 Headlight Review

    I second the Katana for low beams. I used beamtech for the highs and fogs since those seem to work better on reflector housings as opposed to projector housings per the test conducted by bulbfacts if i recall correctly. I'm very happy with them, very nice output and pattern. I normally use...
  15. Not a metal shift knob.

    Count me in for one, hopefully before this vegas summer hits. all black or red stitching does not matter. the weight sounds good. JT
  16. New Performance Grille for 10th Gen Civics

    Do you still have the special code for the grille? Does it also work for the lip and/or an intake? Thanks!
  17. FS: 2019 Civic Si wheels & tires 600mi.

    wheels have been sold. Thanks. JT
  18. Konig Hypergrams?

    Everyday driving seems unaffected. Ride is quieter with the sumitomo htr a/s p02 tires. I haven't really pushed the car yet, so I can't give a full review (only a day driving with it on). I'll post a pic in a few days once the car gets cleaned. Crappy weather in the desert today. JT
  19. Headlight Fog lighting

    Hi, last night I installed the beamtech for the fogs and high beams, and the katana brand for the low beams. I tried to read up as much as I can on the reviews for these bulbs and found that the beamtech works well with reflector housings and the katana is best for projector housings. My light...