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  1. So many trading in their Si ?

    No, I traded in my si for the challenger!! Sorry if it was confusing.
  2. So many trading in their Si ?

    I traded my si in for this Challenger two weeks ago and am super happy so far!!
  3. 18x9.5 255x35 wheel setup

    yes its stock.
  4. no longer available

    If the full price of boxing and shipping was covered along with the asking price I would consider it but I did a google search and the price to ship is almost as much as what i'm asking for them so i my opinion it wouldn't be worth it but if you are willing to pay that let me know.
  5. no longer available

  6. My New Front End, what do you think?

    I like it. I actually live right around the corner from that place, I'm near Russell and Jones. small world!!!
  7. no longer available

    weekend bump
  8. Windshield Banners

    Little Red
  9. no longer available

    weekend bump
  10. Las Vegas

    I personally haven't been there but I have heard great things about h-tech auto on Rainbow. If I went anyplace besides the dealer this would be my first stop.
  11. no longer available

    Another price drop bump to $700 for the set of 4
  12. no longer available

    No, Its a full size spare so it takes up like half the trunk but was worth it to me. I would rather change my own tire and be on my way than wait for help in the middle of the desert. lol I would keep it but i bought a matching fifth rim and tire with my new rims.
  13. no longer available

    price drop bump $800 for set of 4
  14. Show me your aftermarket shift knob

    How is the Red dye holding up?
  15. CTR at (or below?!!) sticker NICE LIST!

    Findlay Honda NW in Las Vegas has a Red one on their site listed at MSRP
  16. Where is everyone from?

    Las Vegas, NV
  17. PRL cai or 27Won cai

    Not to throw a wrench in this, but if you follow Acuity Instruments on Facebook they gave a sneak peak at the one they have coming out soon also.
  18. Las Vegas

    Thats the dealership i got my si from. Free popcorn and soda!!!!! lol I'm down near Russell and Jones
  19. Las Vegas

    I'm Vegas
  20. Official RALLYE RED Civic Thread

    That sucks, sad to see!!!