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  1. HKS hipermax coilovers IV gt

    you can get d2 coilovers with the ADS bypass module...
  2. Iowa anyone?

    Will be moving to Ames in August. Coming from Vegas I’ll be needing to “iowa-proof” my Si. 😄
  3. Show me your aftermarket shift knob

    I have been using this bamshift shifter for two years now and I’m still loving it. Perfect for the hot summer weather 😊
  4. Popping noise coming from exhaust

    it happens when you hit your rev limiter and fuel cuts off
  5. Car Bucking When Letting Off Throttle

    is disabling revhang bad for the transmission and/or clutch? I have mine disabled but having it on didn't really bother me.
  6. Need help - rubbing badly

    what size tires did you have?
  7. Tsp stage 1 and intake question

    Thanks for your response. So what are the things I have to monitor? I’ll be getting it tomorrow
  8. Tsp stage 1 and intake question

    So I just ordered a ktuner with TSP stage 1 and I’m really excited. I currently have an injen intake, I got it because it was the first one that came out and I couldn’t wait. I had it for almost 2 years now and I have not noticed any issues. But now that I’m about to tune my car with TSP stage 1...
  9. Si Bumper

    Yea I think ours is the same or close to the hatchbacks but other trims has different bumper
  10. Si Bumper

    Yes. I was actually planning on getting a type r conversion bumper from ikon but I changed my mind. You can buy it unpainted or you can pay them extra to paint match it for you. I think it’s around 300 usd for unpainted and additional 300 if you want it painted. I have also saw Si bumpers on...
  11. Lowest suspension springs

    It's the same spring i think. Even if you get the one for hatch you wont get 2" drop F/R
  12. Lowering springs

    I think of all the lowering springs available D2 gives the most drop
  13. question regarding camber

    Thanks for the reply. Do you know exactly what kit I should get? Is it costly to get it installed? Thanks
  14. question regarding camber

    Few months ago I lowered my car with d2 lowering springs. It gave my rear wheels a bit of positive camber but I did not notice it until yesterday while I was cleaning my car that it was not even. Left rear has more camber than the other side, My question what do I need to do to get even on both...
  15. D2 springs lights

    he prolly forgot to connect the wires thats connected to the suspension. happened to me when i installed mine.
  16. 16-17 Honda Civic 10th-Gen Type-R Conversion Front Bumper PP

    How much did it cost you to get it painted?
  17. D2 Lowering Springs

    Are the replacement part available? Last time I checked it’s on back order
  18. D2 Lowering Springs

    i heard it's a common issue but luckily mine was good when i had 'em check. I know a couple people that has this issue. Also I was told that the cv boot is on backorder at the moment
  19. D2 Lowering Springs

    I was gonna install myself but I got lazy so I paid $180 for installation.