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  1. Red strip vinyl for body kit

    go for the one in Canadian Tire.
  2. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    A wash and a wax
  3. Is there any mods that can make my civic sport look like Type R?

    I saw civic sport so it is the hatch. I’ll admit I added red emblems to my white sport, but do you really want to spend all the extra money into “changing” your car into something it is not?
  4. Anyone want to trade there 2019 SI coupe for my 2019 SI sedan? :)

    I always thought the sedan looked better but that doesn’t help you if you prefer the coupe. I have the hatch sport and oddly enough, I like the back doors for the look as I don’t have passengers in the back often. I find coupes and 2 doors in general don’t look as good. There are of course...
  5. Getting Eibach Pro kit installed this me your Pro kits

    I can ask for the specific details if someone would like. I am mechanically inclined and a bit of it was lost on me. Let me know
  6. Any suspension experts here?

    Thanks for the replies and help. It turns out it was the bump stops that needed to be trimmed. The creaking sounds are all gone.
  7. Getting Eibach Pro kit installed this me your Pro kits

    Back for an update. So recap, they had not trimmed the bump stops and that is what they thought it might be. I called Eibach and he said it was most likely that because there are instructions to trim them and the shop did not. My car is back and the sounds are gone. It is a huge relief. Find...
  8. Any suspension experts here?

    I think that is the sound yes. I am at 3000km though since my I lowered it and it has not gone away or lessened. Someone have said it would have gone away by now.
  9. Any suspension experts here?

    They did not. I researched all the possible causes I found online and sent them to the shop. A long story and a little misunderstanding but the noise was not caught until after the check up at when I picked up my car I went over it with them. They said it was not right. Plan was to reassess...
  10. Any suspension experts here?

    Pro Kit springs, springs only. No squeaks, specifically creaking sounds. Not sure this qualifies as noise and harshness of the ride. Yeah, alignments.
  11. Any suspension experts here?

    I know this is a General forum, I am just posting for the most users to see it. I have mentioned in another post in the Suspension forum that I had recently put the eibach pro kit on my car. I like it but my car now makes creaking noises when I turn the wheels either way at very slow speeds. It...
  12. Getting Eibach Pro kit installed this me your Pro kits

    He said that it was not needed. Interesting that I did mention it at the advice of civicx. The guy that I talked to said it was not needed. He was not the one that worked specifically on my car, but still. If this is the fix, I will be happy
  13. Getting Eibach Pro kit installed this me your Pro kits

    Well everyone, I am getting very close to when I bring my car into the shop. If anyone has some final suggestions or concrete ideas of what might be causing the creaking noises, now is the time. The bump stops are what he thinks might be the issue. Thanks
  14. Getting Eibach Pro kit installed this me your Pro kits

    Small update. I sent in a list of potential problems that could cause this issue (at their suggestion). I sent it into the tech who is going to work on my car. He emailed me back and was interested in the idea of cutting of the bump stops idea (that others have mentioned to me). I originally...
  15. 2018 Si Rims on Civic Sedan?

    I know the LED’s are preferable, but I don’t like the looks of them and the American Si’s look so much nicer with the projector headlights. Some nice looking sedans here.
  16. 2018 Si Rims on Civic Sedan?

    umm, look at a 2018 civic si sedan???
  17. 11th Gen Civic XI Hatchback Production Moving to North America

    I would have preferred to have gotten my civic sport built in Canada than this buggy one from England
  18. Getting Eibach Pro kit installed this me your Pro kits

    So a bit of a long winded and unfortunate follow-up. They found nothing but tightened everything and inspected everything. The problem though, is that the guy that took down my information wrote the noise happened at speeds 30-50 km/hr. It happens at 5-15km/hr because i need to turn the wheels...
  19. What's your SI looking like today?

    Nice shots