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  1. OEM Rims?

    they sell for 400$ all the time
  2. weak ac anyone?

    Double tap and hold unlock button
  3. weak ac anyone?

    My car is not tuned. No power mods either
  4. weak ac anyone?

    Get an appointment with your dealership service department ASAP. Do not run your A/C at all until then. You don’t want to damage your compressor by running it with low refrigerant. Good time to utilize the open all windows trick with your key fob when you walk to your car. You’ll need them open.
  5. weak ac anyone? welcome to the club.
  6. MPG in the low 20's w/ stage 1 tune

    Idling also kills your mpgs. Do you reset your trip odometer ever? The average mpg reader will never raise if you have 2000 miles on your trip odometer
  7. Black license plate screws

    Was really hoping somebody would link to some sick locking stainless steel/black license plate screws that I just can’t seem to find online. My screws always rust and look like crap...
  8. California OEM Wireless Car Charger Accessory + OEM Footwell Lighting (Red) For Sale

    This wireless charger is an awesome upgrade to any base model with the no -touch screen head unit. Loved having it in my 2016 LX. Install takes some time, but it is relatively easy and you’ll learn a lot installing it yourself.
  9. Do Harbor Freight ramps work for this car?

    yeah I don’t think too many people were slamming their cars in the 1940s
  10. Dome lights

    If you accidentally cross the flimsy wires on the bulb and they contact the wrong spot, the fuse blows really easily.
  11. Virginia FS: 2020 OEM Si Wheels

    It’s a nice drive to DC. Don’t be a wussy
  12. Hot gas pedal

    how do you feel those tiny pedals with steel-toed boots on? I cant drive with my work boots on. I can’t feel the clutch at all.
  13. My A/C took a poop...*Dealership update*

    Alliston makes Si Sedans, Si Coupes and all other Coupes
  14. My A/C took a poop...*Dealership update*

    I have seen a couple 2019 owners complaining about A/C issues. I wouldn’t count yourself out. But for the most part i’ve only seen a few 2019s with more than 25k miles on the odometer. So it may be too early to tell.
  15. My A/C took a poop...*Dealership update*

    You may need to sweat it out for a couple months. Lawsuits are already in motion from what it sounds like. I wouldn’t pay 2000$ either. Most Honda civic owners can’t afford a 2000$ bill. That’s why they bought a civic in the first place. I’ve had several issues with my Si so far...
  16. Please help

    Did you hook the battery terminals up correctly?
  17. My A/C took a poop...*Dealership update*

    I suspect after this summer’s onslaught of civics filling up service departments across the world, we’ll be getting another letter in the mail about every component of the A/C system being warrantied for 10 years. Keep your receipts people.
  18. Illinois 2019 Si sedan part out

    Yeah im not getting responses either
  19. AC pr

    No dude. The condenser has an extended warranty for 10 years. You should have gotten a letter in the mail back in November. The dealership knows this. But if they say it was caused by road debris puncturing the condenser that is their only excuse to charge you anything.
  20. My A/C took a poop...*Dealership update*

    I don’t think they stopped making the sedan in Greensburg, IN. Where’d u get a Japan sedan?